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New York Times, Sun, Jan 25, 2009 FIDDLE DEE DEE Michael Torch / Will Shortz

Sunday's New York Times puzzle and it's time for a collaborative solving effort with Magdalen. This thematic puzzle took about 45 minutes, though we didn't make a serious effort at timing ourselves.


Phrases with DD instead of TT, our fav being Puddin' on the Ritz - we feel that Peter Boyle's performance in Young Frankenstein puts Fred Astaire in the shade:
22a udder nonsense [Dairy frivolity?]
40a Puddin' on the Ritz [Creamy dessert atop a cracker, informally?]
56a caddy remarks [Advice for golfers?];
61a shudder speed [Measure of reaction to horror?];
80a Ladder Day Saints [Guardians of a house painters' celebration?];
102a online bedding [Linens purchased through a Web site?];
2d bidder cold [Why the eBay user was laid up?];
69d faddy acids [Trendy lab hazards?];

Grid art by Sympathy

Grid21x21 with 68 (15.5%) black squares
Answers136 (average length 5.49)
Scrabble points571 (average 1.53)
Wiki Clues

48a Elihu [Root of government] - the initial capital fooled us for a while - it's Elihu Root, the American lawyer and statesman.

110a Tso [General on Chinese menus] - the reference is to the dish General Tso's Chicken - although there was a General Tso, he's unlikely to have tasted the concoction as it seems to have been invented in America in the 1970s.

96d Devo [Rock group whose members wear red flowerpots on their heads]. This I have to see:

Dici Clues

51a dance [Monkey, pony or alligator] - dances from the 1960s.

109a tosspots [Sponges] - ie heavy drinkers.

19d sub [Hero] - the many-named sandwich - take your pick from blimpie, bomber, cosmo, grinder, hoagie, Italian sandwich, poor boy, rocket, spuckie, torpedo, wedge and zeppelin.

Quicky Clues

1a abs [Objects of core workouts]; 4a on a spree [Carousing]; 12a podcast [Certain audio download]; 19a slip [Goof]; 20a rent roll [Landlord's schedule]; 21a crisper [Refrigerator compartment]; 24a to spare [Extra]; 25a bad loans [Default subjects]; 26a Zach ["Scrubs" actor Braff]; 28a large [Living ___]; 29a états [Dakota du Nord et du Sud, par exemple]; 30a Laos [Mekong River locale]; 32a anointed [Chosen]; 35a strode [Moved with purpose]; 37a main [Cardinal]; 38a sneak [Creep around]; 39a locus [Place]; 46a I not ["How could ___?"]; 47a walls [Labyrinth parts]; 49a E.Lee [Gen. Robt. ___]; 50a gal [Guy's date]; 52a Peete [QB Rodney]; 53a ahead [Leading]; 54a Old Irish [Source of the word "clan"]; 58a Nev. [Home of the Excelsior Mts.]; 59a Rye [New York town with Playland amusement park];
60a fen [Swamp]; 67a going far [Succeeding]; 72a eased [Smoothed]; 73a eeler [Sushi supplier]; 74a world [With 78-Across, stated desire of many a Miss America]; 75a Ada [Home to Ohio Northern University]; 76a Adee ["Zip-___-Doo-Dah"]; 77a banal [Overused]; 78a peace [See 74-Across]; 79a RDAs [Vitamin amts.]; 83a dodge [Evade]; 84a meets [Where races are won and lost]; 85a LCDs [Some TV screens]; 86a brayed [Acted like an ass]; 87a premiere [Red carpet affair]; 91a clay [Adobe material]; 92a Too-Ra ["___-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral"]; 93a revet [Support, as an embankment]; 94a Spee [Losing admiral in the Battle of the Falkland Islands, 1914]; 96a dixie cup [Disposable bathroom item]; 99a alerted [Tipped off]; 105a dangelo [Actress Beverly who played Patsy Cline in "Coal Miner's Daughter"]; 106a step over [Avoid, as a sleeping dog, maybe]; 107a adds [Annexes]; 108a opted in [Chose to participate].

1d Alda [Pierce player on TV]; 3d spelt out [Clarified, in England]; 4d ornate [Plain's opposite]; 5d neons [Some signs]; 6d Ann's [St. ___ Head Lighthouse (Welsh landmark)]; 7d Sts. [Blvds.]; 8d pre- [Historic leader?]; 9d Ronzoni [Pasta brand]; 10d Elsas [Style expert Klensch and others]; 11d elec. [Engineering subj.]; 12d pct. [Part of A.P.R.: Abbr.]; 13d oro [Conquistador's plunder]; 14d dislike [Aversion]; 15d C-SPAN ["Washington Journal" airer]; 16d apart [Separated]; 17d serge [Suit material]; 18d treed [In a tough position]; 23d roads [Pikes, e.g.]; 27d Hannity [Fox News opinionator]; 30d ladle [Dish out]; 31d aids [Assists]; 33d nether [Infernal]; 34d Oahu [Home of Wheeler Army Airfield]; 35d Sligo [County next to Mayo]; 36d tonal [Like the Chinese language]; 37d mulch [Gardener's bagful]; 38d soled [Having a bottom]; 40d pans [Oil receptacles]; 41d needed [Obligatory]; 42d rehang [Put back up]; 43d Iler [Robert of "The Sopranos"]; 44d teak [Patio furniture wood]; 45d zeds [Snore symbols in England]; 47d waive [Relinquish]; 51d Dredd [Judge ___, Stallone title role]; 52d payer [Check writer]; 53d amend [Alter]; 55d indeed ["Definitely!"]; 56d creels [Anglers' baskets]; 57d e-file [Submit tax returns via the Net]; 61d seal [Circus performer]; 62d hada ["We ___ ball!"]; 63d used [New's opposite]; 64d reader [Schoolbook]; 65d senates [Deliberative bodies]; 66d plays [Halfback option and Hail Mary]; 67d goats [Sources of milk for chèvre cheese]; 68d orcs [Tolkien monsters]; 70d adage [Saw]; 71d rased [Demolished, in Essex]; 74d Wendy [Fast-food eponym]; 77d Bree ["Desperate Housewives" role]; 78d pica [12-point type]; 79d roared at [Really enjoyed, as a joke]; 81d emitted [Put out]; 82d alleles [Genotype determinants]; 83d droid [Intelligent bot]; 86d boxers [Some underwear]; 87d Prado [Place to see Goyas]; 88d relap [Pass once more]; 89d event [Schedule listing]; 90d merge [Sign near a freeway entrance]; 91d cento [Italian 100]; 92d Tibet ["The roof of the world"]; 95d post [Assignment]; 97d undo [Take back]; 98d PGs [Some film ratings]; 100d Eli [Clockmaker Terry]; 101d don [Dress in]; 103d IPS [Tape player spec: Abbr.]; 104d nop [Alphabet trio].

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