Sunday, January 4, 2009

NPR Sunday Puzzle, Sun, Jan 04, 2009

Listening to the NPR Sunday Puzzle was part of the routine my wife Magdalen had with her first husband, Hub 1.0. We keep up the tradition, though until this year I was too scared to enter: what if they called me up and the questions were about state insects or college netball teams? - I would look so foolish as that's the sort of thing Every American Knows.

As it happened, Hub 1.0 was around for last week's poser:
Take the phrase "counting down the days." Remove four letters, and rearrange the remaining letters to spell an appropriate number. What is it?
He announced the the answer as two thousand nine before I even had a chance to think about it.

Again there was a home advantage, as in the UK we'd say two thousand and nine. Americans seem to have greater economy of speech as well as spelling. Perhaps this accounts for their economic prowess? If so what went wrong last year?

Our house was originally built (circa 1800) by a guy called Laban Capron who was apparently responsible for the concision in the naming of our township Harford:
Hosea Tiffany suggested Hartford as the name; Laban Capron said strike out the 't', which was immediately agreed to by all.
We didn't have a chance to think about this week's challenge:
Take the last name of a famous actress in 2 syllables and 9 letters. Transpose the syllables and you'll have, phonetically, the word for a common ailment. Who is the person and what is the ailment?
until the morning walk down our road with Mimi. I had the answer after a couple of minutes, but won't reveal it until the deadline has passed.

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