Sunday, February 1, 2009

New York Times, Mon, Feb 02, 2009 Damon J. Gulczynski / Will Shortz

After Saturday's failure, it was great to have confidence restored with a Monday crossword. I managed to finish this in under 10 minutes, even with half an eye on the Superbowl game.

So far I've seen a false start, hash marks and several tight ends. James Harrison's touchdown at the end of the first half was awesome - this was a great game to sell the sport to me.
Solving time: 7 mins (no cheating)

Four phrases where the last word sounds like "we":
20a Nintendo Wii [Game console introduced in 2006]
38a mais oui [Parisian's "But of course!"]
40a shall we [Query from one who's ready to go]
54a Michelle Wie [Female golfer who played in a pro men's tournament at age 14]
One of the problems with such an easy puzzle is that the theme is liable to be overlooked: I spotted the two longer phrases during solving, but only noticed the two seven-letter ones after finishing.

We love our Nintendo Wii, an inspired present from DinoBurger. Our current fav is Wii Fit, especially the balance games. We love Michelle too - here she is:


Grid art by Sympathy

Grid15x15 with 37 (16.7%) black squares
Answers78 (average length 4.82)
Scrabble points298 (average 1.59)
Wiki Clues

28a recipe [Betty Crocker offering]. Who is Betty Crocker? I'm disappointed to find out that she is an invention, unlike Sara Lee.

58a Oreo [Cookie with a filling] - and a cookie much used for filling crosswords.

57d Enya ["Only Time" singer, 2001] - her album Amarantine won a Grammy for the best New Age Album in 2007. Hence 65a ager [New ___ (57-Down, for one)].

60d OAS [Western treaty grp.] - Organization of American States. The world's oldest regional organization, consisting of the thirty-five independent states of the Americas.

Dici Clues

53a snee [Snick and ___] - I'm still hoping that this answer will be clued as "Giant Chris", with reference to local hero Chris Snee. He was on the winning New York Giants team at Superbowl XLII.

4d Uzi [Gun used in the Six-Day War] - the name derives from its Israeli inventor Uziel Gal.

32d Ich ["___ bin ein Berliner"] - although JFK dreamt up this line at the last minute, it's an urban legend (though a delightful one) that it's incorrect German.

Quicky Clues

1a Cajun [Like Louisiana cuisine]; 6a able [___-bodied seaman]; 10a cart [Grocery carrier]; 14a amaze [Astound]; 15a maid [Worker in an apron]; 16a over ["Get ___ it!"]; 17a marionette [Pinocchio, notably]; 19a polo [Sport on horseback]; 22a crab [Maryland seafood specialty];26a CSI [CBS hit with two spinoffs]; 27a ousts [Removes from office]; 30a edict [Decree]; 33a error [Dropped fly ball, e.g.]; 34a crack [Reason to replace a windshield]; 35a -est [Superlative suffix]; 42a end [What boring things never seem to do]; 43a brash [Impertinent]; 45a got in [Arrived after a trip]; 46a canoe [Transport on a camp lake]; 47a Aesop's ["___ Fables"]; 48a shoot! ["Drat!"]; 51a vet [Dog doc]; 59a sure enough ["You're absolutely right"]; 64a gear [Paraphernalia]; 66a Yahoo [Google competitor]; 67a sent [Mailed]; 68a Ted's ["Bill & ___ Excellent Adventure"]; 69a as for [With respect to].

1d -cam [Ending with spy or web]; 2d AMA [Doc org.]; 3d jar [Place to put tips]; 5d neon [Gas in diner signs]; 6d amens [Cries from the congregation]; 7d battier [More eccentric]; 8d lite [Low-calorie, in beer names]; 9d Eden [Barbara of "I Dream of Jeannie"]; 10d cop-out [Lame excuse]; 11d avows [Pledges]; 12d relit [On again, as a lantern]; 13d trois [Number after deux]; 18d nice! ["Sweet!"]; 21d dockage [Fee for a freighter]; 22d crème [___ brûlée];
23d reran [Aired again]; 24d acrid [Bitter]; 25d bios [Life stories, for short]; 29d probate [Will validation]; 31d dash [Bit of salt]; 34d ciao [Italian's "bye"]; 35d Elton [John who sang "Bennie and the Jets"]; 36d swipe [Run through a credit card machine]; 37d tense [In need of a massage, maybe]; 39d urn [Funeral ashes holder]; 41d loss [Outcome of a 10-17 game]; 44d severed [Detached]; 46d cohort [Partner in crime]; 47d a tie [End in ___ (come out even)]; 48d smogs [Urban pollutions]; 49d hiree [New staffer]; 50d ocean [Where a hurricane develops]; 52d ewers [Water pitchers]; 55d LSAT [Potential atty.'s exam]; 56d luge [Sled at the Winter Olympics]; 61d UHF [Channels 14+]; 62d goo [Melted tar, e.g.]; 63d hor. [Opposite of vert.].


Bill Butler said...

I'm glad you agree about the jelly doughnut myth, Ross. I used to work in Germany and brought it up one day with some colleagues. They kind of laughed when I asked if it was true, and put me straight.

And not a football clue in sight. Always a good thing :-)

Crossword Man said...

I only learned the truth (as opposed to the legend) by doing the blog. I tried to learn German when working at Siemens-Nixdorf and remember it being drilled into me that you say "Ich bin Lehrer" etc. So it's not surprising people get this wrong, especially when there's a good opportunity to make fun of an iconic figure.