Sunday, February 1, 2009

NPR Sunday Puzzle, Sun, Feb 1, 2009

Today is Superbowl Sunday and I'm hoping that seeing the game (with my eyes open for once) will greatly boost my knowledge of "football" US-style.

We Pennsylvanians had hoped for a PA Turnpike superbowl, but the Arizona Cardinals beat the Philadelphia Eagles to become NFC champions. Clearly we should root for the Pittsburgh Steelers now.

The "on-line challenge" in today's NPR Sunday Puzzle was inspired by the superbowl pairing of the ST-eelers and the CA-rdinals and the cultural divide was much in evidence: although a candy store is called a sweetshop in Britain, I suspect I might have worked that one out, if I'd been picked to play; one I had no chance of getting was Steve Canyon - some comic strips are well-known outside the US (Peanuts for example), but this one not so much!

The challenge for the listeners this week was:
Think of a famous living woman whose first and last names are each accented on the second syllable. Say the second syllable of her last name, followed by the second syllable of her first name, and phonetically you'll get a word meaning very attractive woman. Who is it?
Magdalen got the answer immediately and told me ("it's so obvious!") before I'd had time to think about it. I'll reveal all after the closing date for the challenge.

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Magdalen said...

That is such rubbish (as you Brits would say) -- I gave you hints to the famous woman's identity, and then when you couldn't seem to cut her name into bits that you put back together (very patchworky -- as a quilter, I loved that aspect), I poked at you vigorously until you saw the answer. But -- let the record reflect that at no time did I actually TELL you the answer before you had a chance to figure it out!