Friday, March 20, 2009

NPR Sunday Puzzle 3/15/09 - By Jove!

This week's NPR Sunday Puzzle was:
Name a female host of a popular TV program. Rearrange the letters of her first name to name a god in mythology. Rearrange the letters in her last name to name a type of god that this god is not. Who is the TV host and what are the anagrams?
I thought Magdalen would find this easy, as she has watched American TV way longer than me ... and has a good memory for names. She can explain almost all crossword clues relating to TV shows.

Chambers Crossword DictionaryHowever, we were stumped for several hours. Eventually we adopted the brute force approach of searching online lists of hosts of TV shows and lists of gods in the Chambers Crossword Dictionary (which we've nicknamed "the work of towering genius", since I was a co-editor on the book).

Seeing Zeus in the latter prompted Suze Orman - Zeus is a Greek god, not Roman (an anagram of the presenter's last name). Suze Orman hosts a weekend financial planning show on CNBC - she's been paid the ultimate compliment of an SNL spoof:

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