Friday, March 27, 2009

NPR Sunday Puzzle 3/22/09 - Getting the Finger

This week's NPR Sunday Puzzle was:
Take the letters I, L, R and T. Insert a trigram (three-letter group) twice into these letters to complete a familiar 10-letter word. If you add S, P and O, you would get the answer, "spoilsport."

Now, take R F E and R. Insert a trigram twice somewhere in these letters to complete a familiar two-word phrase. What phrase is it?
ring fingerMagdalen and I got married in Massachusetts in 2007 and in England in 2008, so it wasn't hard for us to to find the answer: ring finger. We bought our rings from The Goldsmith in Binghamton for the first ceremony; they were exchanged again for the English wedding, but not before they were given a clean to look good in the photos.

I came up with a couple of other challenges that follow the same pattern. The answers to these are:

phenomenon [P H M N]
stepsister [P S I R]

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