Sunday, March 22, 2009

NPR Sunday Puzzle 3/22/09 - No Spoilsport

spoilsportsThis week's NPR Sunday Puzzle is:
Take the letters I, L, R and T. Insert a trigram (three-letter group) twice into these letters to complete a familiar 10-letter word. If you add S, P and O, you would get the answer, "spoilsport."

Now, take R F E and R. Insert a trigram twice somewhere in these letters to complete a familiar two-word phrase. What phrase is it?
The answer didn't occur to either of us immediately, but I eventually got the answer after an hour or so, by thinking about likely trigrams. I knew that TEA Crossword Helper is great for solving this type of problem, but I didn't need a sledgehammer to crack this particular nut.

If TEA can help you solve a puzzle, then it is usually good for coming up with them as well. Here are a couple of other letter sequences where you can insert a trigram twice to create familiar 10-letter words:
As usual, I'm not going to be a spoilsport by giving away the answers now. I'll reveal them on Thursday, by which time I should be back in the UK. We're traveling there to visit my family and attend the annual dinner for the cryptic crossword series I used to edit - the Listener Crossword.

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