Friday, April 3, 2009

NPR Sunday Puzzle 3/29/09 - Mazda Gas Car

Magdalen and I were traveling in England last Sunday, so we didn't follow our usual ritual of listening to the NPR Sunday Puzzle while making breakfast. Thank goodness for the podcast, which allowed us to hear the segment at our leisure later in the week. The challenge was:
Name a country somewhere in the world. Insert a Z. The result can be broken up into 3 consecutive words. The first word is a popular brand name. The second word is something this product uses, and the third word is the kind of product it is.
MazdaMaybe because we had spent much of the preceding week driving in the UK, I guessed immediately that the product was a CAR. Then the only question was what country ends in CAR - Mazda, gas, car followed easily enough.

This shows once again how great countries are for such word games: the list of countries isn't so short the answer's obvious, nor so long you can't get it at all - the sweet spot of word lists.

Thanks to a certain movie series, Madagascar now has a whole new set of associations.

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