Thursday, April 23, 2009

Report on Consumer Reports

That's the answer to this week's NPR puzzle, of course. You can easily imagine that for last Sunday's NPR on-air puzzle, Will Shortz sat down with a list of currently published magazines to see which had sensible anagrams. When he got to Consumer Reports, he would have come up with multiple possibilities, including Composer Returns, Recounts Rompers, and Corn Tumor Sprees. More Corruptness must have struck him as intriguing, particularly in light of the scruples Consumer Reports takes to avoid even the appearance of impropriety -- they don't accept advertising, they won't "sell" their recommendations, and they pay retail for the products they rate. Less Corruptness would be more accurate -- and arguably No Corruptness is right on the money.

I come from a CR family -- no car was purchased, no TV contemplated, no washing machine considered without a set of CR ratings in hand. I don't subscribe to the paper magazine, though -- just to the online version. I could make some grandiose claim about how much money it's saved me, but I just know it's nice to have some guidance when making significant purchases. I usually don't access it until I need to buy something. It's still got a certain delicious pull, though -- the most recent issue has ratings on things we don't normally buy, like steel-cut oats and smooth peanut butters . . . but if they're best-rated - ? It's hard to resist!

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