Sunday, May 17, 2009

NPR Puzzle May 17, 2009

This will be a quickie -- Ross and I are in Lexington, Massachusetts as the guests of our wonderful (and wicked smaht) cousins, Coffee Jones & Dino Burger, for a few days. As a special DVD (In Treatment, first season) is on offer, I want this to be super-fast.

Today's puzzle: Think of a six-letter word with S as the third letter. Remove the S and the remaining five letters spell out a word that is the opposite of the six-letter word. As a further hint, the six-letter word has two syllables, while the five-letter word has one syllable. What are the words.

Ross and I listened to the puzzle on our home-NPR station, WVIA, as we drove out of its broadcast area. I believe Ross solved it before we got to New York State, while I might have needed as far as Connecticut to come up with the answer. And yes, he give me a teeny hint. Which I won't share, just to be fair to everyone.

And one last note -- the on-air contestant today was some nice enough guy (I guess) who did an okay job (I guess) with the on-air challenge of changing words into birds. But if you go back to the comments in my post on Thursday, you'll see that Dan's wife should have been the contestant. Knowing that rather took away my pleasure from Charlie's admirable performance this morning. Let that be a lesson to us all: a phone call on Thursday afternoon from an area code that you don't recognize could just be that unpaid NPR intern calling to say YOU are finally going to earn that lapel pin!

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