Thursday, June 11, 2009

Answer to NPR Puzzle for 6/7/09 -- The Marrying King

Think of a famous TV personality with five letters in the first name and four letters in the last name. Change the first letter of this celebrity's first name to M. Drop the first letter of the last name. Read the result in order, and it will spell something this person is famously known for doing many times. Who is this person?
The answer is Larry King.

Here's the one thing about this puzzle that actually startled me. Larry King has been married eight times! I knew about Shaun, the current Mrs. King, but I actually would have put the number closer to four. Go figure. You learn something (useless) every day.

And here are the answers to our value-added puzzles:

Sleighs/hallways/track & field teams -- Runners

Banks/bureaus/old-fashioned ladies -- Drawers

Cameras/lightning/geniuses -- Flashes

Smoke detectors/physicians/electronic timers -- Beepers

Baseball stadiums/courtrooms/fitness gyms -- Benches

Long haul trucking/golfers/computers -- Drivers

Skis/mayonnaise/notebooks -- Binders

Fancy stationery/North Korea/floral gardens -- Borders

Wimbledon/campers/online dating -- Matches

Wineries/newspapers/fitness gyms -- Presses

Old cars/babies/snakes -- Rattles

TV/songs/wallpaper -- Repeats

Windows/computers/Japanese houses -- Screens

High school reunions/Food & Drug Administration/website advertising -- Banners

Bird watchers/rivers/cafeterias -- Feeders

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