Sunday, June 7, 2009

NPR Puzzle 06/07/09 -- Eight Is Enough

This week's puzzle seemed really easy to crack. Let's look at it:
Think of a famous TV personality with five letters in the first name and four letters in the last name. Change the first letter of this celebrity's first name to M. Drop the first letter of the last name. Read the result in order, and it will spell something this person is famously known for doing many times. Who is this person?
There's an easy grammatical approach to the solution. I know it's easy because both Ross and I saw it immediately. Ross also successfully guessed what the celebrity's activity is. From there, it's a breeze.

Since that was so easy, let's look at some value-added puzzles. The on-air challenge was to identify the 7-letter plural that each of three disparate things have in common. Here are some more to chew on (warning -- some of these are uh, challenging):

Sleighs/hallways/track & field teams

Banks/bureaus/old-fashioned ladies


Smoke detectors/physicians/electronic timers

Baseball stadiums/courtrooms/fitness gyms

Long haul trucking/golfers/computers


Fancy stationery/North Korea/floral gardens

Wimbledon/campers/online dating

Wineries/newspapers/fitness gyms

Old cars/babies/snakes


Windows/computers/Japanese houses

High school reunions/Food & Drug Administration/website advertising

Bird watchers/rivers/cafeterias


jerryinchelsea said...

I give up!

The only TV personalities with a "5-4" name that I can think of ALREADY HAVE an M in their first name, like Monty Hall.

Could somebody please give a clue, like they did two weeks ago for Galileo?
By the way, I NEVER submit my answer to try to get "on the air". Therefore, my getting a clue won't amount to cheating.

jerryinchelsea said...


I just now solved it, using the information that is near the top of this page.