Sunday, June 28, 2009

NPR Puzzle - 06/28/09 Now and Then

Here's the puzzle for this week.
Take "tire" and "exhaust." They're both things a car has. But as verbs, in a non-car sense, they're synonyms. The challenge is to name two articles of apparel, things to wear, each with 4 letters, and as verbs, in a non-apparel sense, the two words are synonyms. What words are they?
Pretty easy to get one of the words, and then work back through likely synonyms to get the other item. Start with everything you're wearing now; if that doesn't take care of the problem, go find someone wearing more clothes!

Will's on-air puzzle was based on this or that: three word phrases with "or" as the middle word. He provided a two-word phrase in which the first word rhymed with the first word of the "X or Y" answer. For this week's value-added puzzle, I'm going to do the same thing only for three word phrases with "and" in the middle. So if the clue is Plough Men, the answer could be Now and Then.

Poor Taft

Shut Eyed

Bossed `Round

Fix Batch

Quick Scan

These Hues

Blue Sky

Guy Barge

Dover Trout

Date Free

Cross Burn

God's Friends

Go Refold

Been Chronic

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