Friday, June 26, 2009

NYT Friday 6/26/09 - Still VA-Cationing

Staunton, VAThis is an abbreviated form of my usual blog, as I'm on vacation with only occasional internet access. We've spent a couple of nights in Staunton, VA, the peculiarities of which include giant metal sculptures of watering cans, books etc; also Anne Hathaway's Cottage, a thatched B&B simulating the even more famous Stratford-on-Avon landmark.

Actually, we found Staunton delightful - the sort of college town we are thinking of retiring to when our 25-acre property in the Endless Mountains becomes too impractical. For now though, we are heading back north, to the Pittsburgh, PA area for one night before crossing the state to get home.
Solving time: 22 mins (solo, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 22d soapy {Ivory-covered?}

Lynn Lempel
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]

CompilersLynn Lempel / Will Shortz
Grid15x15 with 28 (12.4%) black squares
Answers70 (average length 5.63)
Theme squares0 (0.0%)
Scrabble points333 (average 1.69)

1a flat {What a 17-Across might get assistance with}; 5a Capp {Lower Slobbovia creator}; 9a doges {Bygone magistrates}; 14a lived a lie {Was perpetually dishonest}; 16a event {Calendar listing}; 17a AAA member {One calling about a tower, maybe}; 18a Reeve {1998 Grammy winner for narrating his book "Still Me"}; 19a in spades {To the extreme}; 20a Barkin {Ellen of "Ocean's Thirteen"}; 21a late fee {Fine, in a sense}; 22a said so {Made a claim}; 23a Ren {Nickelodeon title character}; 24a colloquy {Formal discussion}; 26a Arden {"All the world's a stage" monologue setting}; 29a goads {Cattle drivers}; 30a USO {Grp. of major supporters?}; 31a lend {Give up for a while}; 32a campy {Like drag shows}; 33a balk {Resist}; 34a FDA {Recalling org.}; 35a sit by {Be indifferent}; 36a redye {Make even brighter, say}; 37a assuages {Softens}; 39a bun {Dog holder}; 40a Qantas {Kangaroo carrier?}; 41a gang war {Rumble}; 45a fumier {More vaporous}; 46a for shame {Cry of reproof}; 47a lapse {Concentration problem}; 48a marriages {Occasions that begin with misses?}; 49a Orlon {Knitwear material}; 50a Green Zone {Walled-off enclave in Iraq}; 51a peens {Tool parts for bending and shaping}; 52a mend {Make sound}; 53a inst. {Franklin in Phila., e.g.}.

1d flail {Beat}; 2d liana {Tropical climber}; 3d avast {Check from a deck?}; 4d tempered {Like some steel}; 5d Camden {New Jersey city that was home to Walt Whitman}; 6d Albee {Winner of three Pulitzer Prizes for Drama}; 7d pies {Quiches, e.g.}; 8d per {Minute or hour lead-in}; 9d derails {Thwarts}; 10d overdo {Exaggerate}; 11d Geek Squad {Techies affiliated with a major electronics chain}; 12d enviously {Way to watch someone win the lottery?}; 13d Sten {Antique gun}; 15d deafen {Pierce the ears of}; 20d baldy {Guy who needs no 24-Down}; 22d soapy {Ivory-covered?}; 24d combs {Dopp kit items}; 25d yoke {It can hold a team together}; 26d Alfa {Romeo might go after it}; 27d Red Square {Military parade site}; 28d DNA sample {Bit of forensic evidence}; 29d gates {Mountain passes}; 32d cigar {It usually has a band around it}; 33d Benghazi {Libya's second-largest city}; 35d sateens {Sheet materials}; 36d runs in {Arrests}; 38d unison {People often sing in it}; 39d barred {Forbidden}; 41d Goren {Bridge guru}; 42d wagon {Family car, informally}; 43d amens {Famous last words}; 44d reset {Back to zero, say}; 45d flop {Lay an egg}; 46d fare {It's taken for a ride}; 48d MGM {Letters associated with a lion}.

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