Monday, June 22, 2009

NYT Tuesday 6/23/09 - Strike Zone

This is an abbreviated form of my usual blog, as I am currently on vacation with limited internet access. Normal service will be resumed shortly.
Solving time: 8 mins (solo, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 34d kite {Toy you might enjoy while running}

Four phrase starting with synonyms of "strike":
20a Punch and Judy {Slapstick puppet show}
33a sock it to me {"I'm ready for anything!"}
44a hit the sack {Go get some shuteye}
57a Deck the Halls {Yuletide tune}

Caleb Madison
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]

CompilersCaleb Madison / Will Shortz
Grid15x15 with 36 (16.0%) black squares
Answers78 (average length 4.85)
Theme squares44 (23.3%)
Scrabble points343 (average 1.81)
Other Clues

1a altar {Place for an oath}; 6a taps {It's bugled on a base}; 10a hgts. {Elevs.}; 14a diode {Electron tube with two elements}; 15a a lot {Loads}; 16a Aral {Asia's shrunken ___ Sea}; 17a ZZ Top {"Sharp Dressed Man" band}; 18a Lola {1970 Kinks song}; 19a Dora {TV explorer of note}; 23a left be {Didn't bother}; 26a Arlo {Guthrie at Woodstock}; 27a Cys {Baseball's Young and others}; 28a I'm A {The Monkees' "___ Believer"}; 29a lee {Kind of tide}; 31a etch {Impress permanently}; 37a foci {Centers of circles}; 40a attic {Room at the top of stairs}; 41a UAE {Mideast fed.}; 42a Roman {Tacitus or Tiberius}; 43a sect {Not a mainstream religion}; 46a heli- {Prefix with pad}; 48a sea {Mermaid's realm}; 49a rte. {Mail carrier's assignment: Abbr.}; 50a awe {State of shock}; 52a eggs {Custard ingredients}; 55a elixir {Drink said to prolong life}; 60a make {Mercury or Saturn}; 61a in on {Wise to}; 62a iambs {da-DUM, da-DUM, da-DUM}; 66a even {Tied}; 67a quoi {Je ne sais ___}; 68a fiery {Like redheads' tempers, supposedly}; 69a Nero {Villain in 2009's "Star Trek"}; 70a SSTs {Bygone barrier breakers}; 71a Edgar {Mystery writer's award}.

1d adz {Carpenter's tool with a curved blade}; 2d Liz {Eight-times-married Taylor}; 3d tot {Tyke}; 4d adopt {Take on}; 5d republic {Form of government Plato wrote about}; 6d talc {Baby powder ingredient}; 7d aloha {Lei giver's greeting}; 8d polar {___ opposites}; 9d Stan Lee {Co-creator of the Fantastic Four}; 10d hadj {Journey to Mecca}; 11d Groucho Marx {He said "Here's to our wives and girlfriends ... may they never meet!"}; 12d tardy {Arriving after the bell, say}; 13d slays {Wows at a comedy club}; 21d Neet {Classic brand of hair remover}; 22d dot {E, in Morse code}; 23d Lisas {Simpson and Kudrow}; 24d emote {Ham it up}; 25d fact checker {Magazine staffer}; 30d étui {It has many needles}; 32d CFOs {Bus. honchos}; 34d kite {Toy you might enjoy while running}; 35d oat {Basis for a Quaker cereal}; 36d Mets {Citi Field team}; 38d cacti {They have many needles}; 39d inker {Worker on a comic book}; 42d real life {Actuality}; 44d high IQs {140 and up, say}; 45d heel {Cad}; 47d let {Tennis umpire's cry}; 50d ad-men {Some Madison Ave. workers}; 51d weave {Drive drunkenly, perhaps}; 53d genus {The "Homo" in "Homo sapiens"}; 54d shoot {"Tell me"}; 56d I said {"In case you didn't hear me the first time ..."}; 58d Keno {Casino game with Ping-Pong-like balls}; 59d anis {Spanish liqueur}; 63d meg {Computer unit, informally}; 64d bra {Cup holder?}; 65d Syr. {Leb. neighbor}.

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