Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NYT Wednesday 6/24/09 - Ad Free

Buckhannon, WVThis is an abbreviated form of my usual blog, as I'm on vacation with only occasional internet access. We're currently in Buckhannon, WV, where an American cousin of mine lives: like many of his generation, my grandfather's brother Harry emigrated to the USA at the age of 17 to seek his fortune and a respite from the asthma that plagued him in his native Scotland. We are in Buckhannon to visit his daughter, whom I hadn't seen since the 1970s, to exchange family gossip and show off our respective photo albums.

We stayed in a B&B overnight so didn't get a chance to download and try the Wednesday New York Times crossword till the morning. We were able to solve it a lovely cafe called The Daily Grind, where we've been enjoying their tea and free wi-fi for a couple of hours.

Cinco de MayoI don't have too much time for clue commentary, but will explain 7d ano {Mayo is part of it}, as it threw me for a loop on first encounter. This is not the condiment mayo, nor the County Mayo, but the fifth month of the year in Spanish, hence the answer. Magdalen and I have good reason to remember Mayo, because our first marriage ceremony in 2007 was on the Cinco de Mayo in Lexington, MA.
Solving time: 25 mins (with Magdalen, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 6d thief {Fence supplier}

Five phrases with ad removed, making a pun. This being indicated by 60a take out an ad {Promote one's business, maybe ... or a hint to 16-, 23-, 30-, 41- and 47-Across}.
16a drug addiction {Talking like a junkie?}
23a Shadow of a Doubt {Agnostic's display?}
30a Radio activity {Sunbathing at Ipanema, e.g.?}
41a rollerblading {Rink jewelry?}
47a mailing address {Letter carrier's uniform?}

Corey Rubin
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]

CompilersCorey Rubin / Will Shortz
Grid15x15 with 42 (18.7%) black squares
Answers78 (average length 4.69)
Theme squares68 (37.2%)
Scrabble points319 (average 1.74)
Other Clues

1a Stahl {"60 Minutes" correspondent starting in 1991}; 6a tab {It may be run up}; 9a A-OK {Hunky-dory}; 12a airier {More delicate}; 14a oh no! {"I don't believe this!"}; 15a NRA {Many-armed org.?}; 18a jar {Be discordant}; 19a Roth {Rock's David Lee ___}; 20a pate {Canapé topper}; 21a Ebola {"The Hot Zone" virus}; 26a Love Is {Vanessa Williams/Brian McKnight duet}; 29a pry {Be nosy}; 34a tpk {Plaza locale: Abbr.}; 37a -osis {Suffix with psych-}; 38a Laz {With 22-Down, recliner brand}; 39a prie {___-dieu}; 40a Ned {Widower of Maude on "The Simpsons"}; 45a cow {Female whale}; 46a hoaxes {E-mails from Nigerian princes, e.g.}; 53a acres {The 40 of a "back 40"}; 54a eyes {Targets of a Moe Howard poke}; 55a modi {___ operandi (methods)}; 59a baa {Cote call}; 63a Esq. {Barrister's abbr.}; 64a elks {Group with a Grand Lodge in Chicago}; 65a shtetl {"Fiddler on the Roof" setting}; 66a lei {Wahine's offering}; 67a Rao {Indian novelist Raja ___}; 68a UV ray {Tanning element}.

1d Sadr {Baghdad's ___ City}; 2d tiro {Newbie: Var.}; 3d a rut {Stuck, after "in"}; 4d high seas {Buccaneers' place}; 5d led {Set the tempo}; 6d thief {Fence supplier}; 7d ano {Mayo is part of it}; 8d bone-dry {Parched}; 9d Anjou {Pear variety}; 10d Oral-B {Name in dental hygiene}; 11d karat {Unit of purity}; 13d ripost {Fencing thrust: Var.}; 14d Otto {Uniformed comics dog}; 17d caw {Call from a farm field}; 22d Boy {See 38-Across}; 24d Hi-C {Blazin' Blueberry drink brand}; 25d apt {Just right}; 26d L. Ron {Scientology's ___ Hubbard}; 27d Oise {Chantilly's department}; 28d void {Tear up, so to speak}; 31d ill {Off one's feed}; 32d Val {Batman after Michael}; 33d -ize {Suffix with final}; 34d Trix {Fare "for kids"}; 35d pine {___ tar (baseball team supply)}; 36d kegs {Things to tap}; 39d plasma TV {Device with a flat panel}; 41d roister {Whoop it up}; 42d own {Part of M.Y.O.B.}; 43d rhesus {What "Rh" may stand for}; 44d BOS {A.L. East team, on scoreboards}; 45d CLE {A.L. Central team, on scoreboards}; 47d Mabel {Normand of old movies}; 48d a case {Make ___ for (support)}; 49d Iraqi {Operation ___ Freedom}; 50d Gekko {Gordon ___ ("Wall Street" role)}; 51d dyes {Shoemakers' supplies}; 52d Reo {Flying Cloud of 1927-36}; 56d oner {Lollapalooza}; 57d data {What's spread on a spreadsheet}; 58d idly {Way to stand by}; 61d Ala. {Tuskegee U. locale}; 62d Thu {Day after so-called "hump day": Abbr.}.

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