Thursday, July 23, 2009

NPR Puzzle 07/19/09 -- Garner & Earn Our Gratitude

First off, our apologies to Jeff -- he'd posted the answer in the comments section, and we had thought we could restore it today, but Blogger doesn't actually allow for restore. If we'd known, we'd have figured something out.

We weren't trying to stifle Jeff's enthusiasm, just ask that he respect the rights of others to solve the puzzle on their own, and in their own time.

Anyway, here's the puzzle for this week:
Think of a word starting with G and ending in R. Remove the G and R, and the remaining letters can be rearranged to spell a synonym of the original word. What words are these?
Ross was off doing the dishes while Henry and I were slogging through a list of words beginning with G and ending with R. We'd even reasoned that if the longer word was a comparative (e.g., greater) we would need one of the internal letters to be a second R. Ross meanwhile solved it pretty easily on his own. Garner & earn (the answer) have that extra R, but as you can see, there is nothing comparative about either word. Henry and I had looked at it, but just didn't see the answer.

I won't even blame sleep deprivation.

All three of us are in Toronto today. We're staying in the arty part of town; our accommodations in The Drake Hotel are charming (the rooms are called "crash pads"), the food even just at the hotel is yummy, and there's lots of desk-like shelving for laptops and the detritus of travel! It is no hardship to post a blog entry from here.

Okay, here's the value-added puzzle for this week. All the answers are words using one B, one S, one T in any order and with any number of vowels. So, if the clue is Red vegetables (5), the answer is BEETS.

Band instruments (5)

Prohibitions (6)

Baby's footware (7)

Subsides (6)

Adjoins (5)

Pierce (4)

Aids (5)

Sew with temporary stitches (5)

Dull-witted (6)

Attractive (poetic) (9)

Member of the orchestra (6)

Old French shoe (5)

Raise (5)

Fights (5)

Containers (4)

Hit against (4)

Infatuate (5)

Morsels (5)


Roxie said...

An alternate:

Pierce (4) - bust

I loved Oboist once I figured it out, though I had plenty of trouble with sabot.

And I still find GARNER - EARN utterly unimaginative.

Magdalen said...

Well, I agree: it's not a very interesting puzzle. One of Will Shortz's own, but then he can't hit a home run everyday. (Or, to put that in table tennis terms, not every serve is an ace!)

C'mon, Roxie -- you and Dan have to come up with some of your very own puzzles to submit to Will. Whatever you do, don't tell us!!!! (I suspect he wouldn't use any puzzle that has already been broadcast on the Internet.)

Roxie said...

Magdalen: You've inspired me! I've submitted a puzzle. :-)