Thursday, July 16, 2009

NPR Puzzle -- 7/12/09 Prelude to KISS?

Last week's puzzle:
Using the same system as the Kevin Kline/Vanna White puzzles from a couple weeks ago -- i.e., using only the straight letters, no curves -- name a genre of music in two five-letter words, each word consisting of exactly 15 straight lines and no curves.
The answer is HEAVY METAL (counting the lines is an exercise left to the reader).

I put heavy metal music in the "never say never" category. I would have said, once upon a time, that I would never ever like heavy metal music. But then I would also have said that about country, and now look: I love The Dixie Chicks, and Allison Krauss & the Union Station, and cry when I hear Martina McBride's Independence Day. So I won't say I will never ever like heavy metal, because then the deity that decides you need to be taught a lesson will make me like some heavy metal and I really don't want the hearing loss.

On to the value added puzzles. This week, they were all words made from letters whose capitals have loops (or closed spaces), specifically ABDOPQR. I gave you the clue and number of letters, from which you had to figure out the word, words, or name constructed only from those letters. Here are the answers.

Yogi Bear's sidekick (6)

Type of cookies (4)

On a train (6)

Exotic vacation destination (8; two words)

Conductor Claudio (6)

Minstrel (4)

Thingamajig (6)

Overseas (6)

Rude person (4)

Character on M*A*S*H (5)

Former first lady's first name (7)

Dismiss, var. (6)

Passion (5)

Clutch (5)

Okay, okay -- the last two (and maybe Drop Cookies, if you don't bake) were hard. Well, first of all, for all I know Ross is the only one who solves these value-added puzzles (oh, and maybe xwd_fiend), and I have to stick something in to keep him thinking. Second, it's not like anyone comments on this. If you have an opinion, go ahead and vote! I'll do more hard ones, more easy ones -- I'm biddable!

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