Thursday, July 30, 2009

NPR Puzzle Answer 07/26/09 -- Fresno: Soft Drink or Butt of Jokes?

Last Sunday's NPR puzzle went like this:
Name a well-known U.S. city in six letters. Drop the first and fourth letters so the remaining four letters, in order, will name another well-known U.S. city. What cities are these?

Hint: The two cities are in adjoining states.

I was trying to find something funny to say about Reno, Nevada and/or Fresno, California (oh, right -- they're the answers, by the way). Here's what I came up with for Reno: (Warning: an anatomically correct term was used in the making of this clip from Reno 911, but as the distaff side of this blog, I've decided this is OK.)

Now, wasn't that timely, in light of President Obama's beer fest with Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and police Sgt Jim Crowley this evening? I'm so glad the Comedy Channel continues to be ahead of these national "teachable moments."

And what about Fresno. Well, I read two things about Fresno today -- one was an inquiry from a woman preparing to move from Toronto to the Bay area in Northern California. After being told what she and her husband could expect to pay for a house in San Francisco (the term "stratospheric" may have been used), she explained that she'd asked a friend, "What about moving to Fresno?" and the friend just laughed and laughed. So she wanted to know, Is Fresno a joke? (The answer was basically, "it used to be but it's improving" -- and that was two years ago. I want to be fair here.)

The other item was an oldie but goody: "What's the difference between Fresno and yogurt? Yogurt has culture." Again, the author seemed just a tad bitter, and that was three years ago. If there's anyone reading this from Fresno, or Reno, or who actually drinks Fresca, let's hear from you.

For the value added puzzle this week, I borrowed from Will's on-air puzzle, in which he'd asked the player to fill in two blanks in each sentence; the word to fill the first blank would be a single syllable, the second answer was the first word plus a long A sound, phonetically. Risk/risque, etc. My puzzle used the same idea, but the second word has a long E sound instead of the long A.

Here are the answers:

The golfer nearly hit a BIRD on his way to making a BIRDIE .

The liquor store doesn't CARE that they don't CARRY . . .

. . . that BRAND of BRANDY .

You should take care of that COUGH and not drink any more COFFEE .

They are saying a PRAYER at the little church on the PRAIRIE .

The boxing fans were ALL there to see ALI .

Please SET that tray down near the SETTEE .

The platoon needed a certain SORT of transport for its SORTIE .

There was a little BELL on the costume of the BELLY dancer.

The owner of the theater was pleased to see that there wasn't a MARK on the new MARQUEE .

It's just like HER not to HURRY when there's a deadline.

It's no longer cool or HIP to be a HIPPIE .

This type of BEAR is particularly fond of eating that type of BERRY .

You don't need brute FORCE to FORESEE how this puzzle will end.

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