Thursday, August 6, 2009

NPR Puzzle Answer -- 08/02/09 A Great Big Mountain of Dough

Well, this has been fun. Thanks, Roxie, Natasha, Tom & Dan for commenting.

(And a Bah Humbug to our birthday boy, Henry, who claims not to have thought of Utah for the value-added puzzle, and thus was put off from posting his answers. Not nearly a good enough excuse, dude, when the beer one was just for you. As it was, I got in trouble for corrupting the morals of a minor, inducing poor Tom to contemplate beers when he's only 13!)

And as the rare value-added element to a Thursday post, I'm going to solve my own puzzle without recourse to the very lists I used when compiling it on Sunday.

But first, here's the answer to this week's puzzle:
This comes from crossword puzzle creator Merl Reagle: Take a slang term for money. Change one of its letters to the next letter of the alphabet. Rearrange the result, and you'll get another slang term for money. What are the words?
Take it away, Mark Knopfler (our special word is right around the 2:00 minute mark):

That's right, the first slang term for money is DINERO a word I can't think of without thinking of Postcards from Paraguay, a wonderful Mark Knopfler song about some bank robber who decamps to Paraguay. Such a happy tune for such a morally distasteful subject!

Now, as discussed in the comments, Ross and I thought the slang terms had to be five letters. (Yes, we really are that stupid.) No joy there, of course (LUCRE & RUBLE being our best effort), but it did mean that we'd looked at, and ignored, all the shorter and longer slang terms for money -- dosh, simoleon, and of course, dinero. From there, it was a simple matter for the Crosswordman to come up with DO-RE-MI. (A slang extension from the simpler dough.)

All credit to Merl Reagel for this one, which actually forced us all to do a little bit of work, cheatful or otherwise.

Okay, here goes:

States: Alabama, Utah, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee.

Countries: Armenia, Uzbekistan, Ghana, Ukraine, Switzerland, Thailand. (Couldn't remember if Upper Volta is still called that.)

American Cities: Austin, TX; Urbana, IL; Great Bend, IN; Ulm, MN; Savannah, GA; Trenton, NJ. (Please tell me it's Ulm, and not New Ulm. I'll have to look that up.)

Fruit: Avocado, Ugli Fruit, Grape, ??, Strawberry; Tangerine.

Animals (warning: the U is hard and you may need to cheat): Aardvark, Uromastyx (I think that's the one I found on Sunday, but honestly Roxie's Unicorn is much better!), Gorilla, ??, Sand Dollar, Tasmanian Devil. (That last one is because I wanted Tasmania for my T country, only it's only a state.)

Beers: Amber Ale, ??, Guinness, ??, Southern Tier I.P.A., ?? (Sorry, I'm not a beer drinker. Southern Tier is a local brewery just over the border in New York.)


henry.blancowhite said...

test transmission:
I should have thought of URUS (an ox, extinct except in crossword puzzles) or UNAU (a two-toed sloth).

Magdalen said...

Hey! Look, everyone -- Henry finally posted a comment. It only took him uh, a while.

I was going to cut-and-paste the rest of his answers, but Blogger's comments program doesn't support the usual CTRL-C then CTRL-V process. Silly Blogger.

Anyway, welcome Henry!