Friday, August 14, 2009

NYT Friday 8/14/09 - Afters Thought

This is an abbreviated form of my usual blog, as I'm currently in vacation mode while we have Dino_Burger, Coffee Jones and the little beans to stay. Despite the distractions, it's turning out to be a good solving week and I finished this Friday New York Times crossword in a record time (for me).

Perhaps that has something to do with solving it in the morning. We had a great time at the BMets baseball game (and fireworks) last night, but I was too wiped out to even think about tackling an end of week puzzle when we got home.

This morning, everything seemed delightfully straightforward, starting with the gimme craigslist (sic) and working down from there. The NE corner also fell quickly. The SW put up a little resistance and surprisingly 26a afters {Dessert, in Dover} was one of the hardest clues for me. The SE was more difficult thanks to the proper name density (Philip Roth, Rita Moreno and Sharon Tate) but succumbed fairly quickly.
Solving time: 16 mins (solo, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 26d Adam's apple {It goes up and down at dinner}

Barry C. Silk
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]

CompilersBarry C. Silk / Will Shortz
Grid15x15 with 26 (11.6%) black squares
Answers70 (average length 5.69)
Theme squares0 (0.0%)
Scrabble points313 (average 1.57)
The Clues

1a craigslist {Alternative to newspaper classifieds}; 11a sags {Loses intensity}; 15a Magna Carta {Constitution precursor}; 16a curt {Short}; 17a orange-peel {Curaçao ingredient}; 18a One A {Top status}; 19a Nero {Member of the Julio-Claudian dynasty}; 20a Nas {"Stillmatic" rapper}; 21a matter {Stuff}; 23a Catt {19th Amendment champion}; 25a cutting {Editor's job, often}; 26a afters {Dessert, in Dover}; 29a radio era {Time before TV}; 30a drank {Had a spirited session?}; 31a merit {Rate}; 32a Miz {"Les ___"}; 33a Aust. {E.U. mem. since 1995}; 34a Vedic {Like the scriptures on which Hare Krishna is based}; 35a wave {Thing caught near the shore}; 36a MIT {Sch. in the New England Football Conference}; 37a PC Lab {School area with mice}; 38a timer {A light may be set on one}; 39a stewards {Restaurant staffers}; 41a musers {They're reflective}; 42a assorts {Groups}; 43a Roth {"The Human Stain" novelist}; 44a pagoda {Storied shrine}; 45a par {Something to shoot for}; 46a lace {Bodice fastener}; 50a plod {Lumber}; 51a prize-fight {A bout to remember?}; 54a Laos {Golden Triangle land}; 55a eat one's hat {Have some humble pie}; 56a eddy {Possible result of pulling the plug}; 57a Sharon Tate {"The Wrecking Crew" actress, 1969}.

1d c'mon {"Don't be shy!"}; 2d rare {Like some gases}; 3d agar {Food stabilizer}; 4d innocent {Papal name last used in 1724}; 5d gag {Shut up}; 6d scents {Dogs often pick them up}; 7d lap at {Splash gently against}; 8d ires {Burns up}; 9d Ste. {Ursule, e.g.: Abbr.}; 10d Talmudic {Like yeshiva studies}; 11d Scotto {Her 1965 Met debut was as Cio-Cio-San in "Madama Butterfly"}; 12d Auntie Mame {Play for which Peggy Cass won a Tony in 1957}; 13d Green River {Largest tributary of the Colorado}; 14d star-gazers {Night watchmen?}; 22d at it {In a row}; 24d ark {Major ancient construction project}; 25d Carib {Native Trinidadian}; 26d Adam's apple {It goes up and down at dinner}; 27d fruit salad {Picnic staple}; 28d taste's good {"Mmm!"}; 29d red as {"... thy cheeks look ___ Titan's face": Shak.}; 31d melds {Unites}; 34d VCR tapes {Maxell products}; 35d wish list {It has things you want}; 37d pard {Ponderosa pal}; 38d Tut {Subject of a 1976-79 Met exhibit}; 40d woodsy {Like the smell of fresh pine}; 41d Moreno {Puerto Rican-born Oscar winner of 1961}; 43d razor {Trimming aid}; 45d pita {Bun alternative}; 47d agha {Muslim honorific}; 48d chat {Many people do it online}; 49d -ette {Couch extension?}; 52d rah {Motivation exclamation}; 53d fen {Setting for sedges}.

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