Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NYT Thursday 8/13/09 - Coin Recollection

Babe Ruth and RossThis is an abbreviated form of my usual blog, as I'm currently in vacation mode while we have Dino_Burger, Coffee Jones and the little beans to stay. We were so enthused by seeing the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY that we are all going to a BMets game plus fireworks on Thursday night.

My education at the HOF proved useful in getting 36a dbl, as I remembered the boards showing the batting records included "most RBIs" and "most doubles" inter alia. I didn't recall Buck O'Neil as I was solving, although having checked the HOF's website, I gather his was the statue we passed on going through the museum lobby.

Anyway, here's a picture of me with The Bambino ... in fact it looks as though The Sultan is about to Swat me over the head if I don't get out the way pronto.
Solving time: 15 mins (solo, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 53a remotes {They give you control}

Words starting with a jumble of coin, as indicated by 32a coin flips {Starts of some games ... and of the answers to 16-, 22-, 48 and 56-Across?}:
16a nicotine {Ingredient in some gum}
22a iconoclast {Oscar Wilde or Bill Maher, for example}
48a incomplete {Like some passes}
56a conifers {Cedar and hemlock}

Patrick McIntyre
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]

CompilersPatrick McIntyre / Will Shortz
Grid15x15 with 34 (15.1%) black squares
Answers70 (average length 5.46)
Theme squares45 (23.6%)
Scrabble points270 (average 1.41)
Other Clues

1a Sal {"A peculiar sort of a gal," in song}; 4a roil {Muddy}; 8a fests {Themed events}; 13a Ugo {Actor Tognazzi of "La Cage aux Folles"}; 14a erne {Seaside raptor}; 15a Sixers {Allen Iverson's teammates till '06}; 18a yapper {Gossip}; 19a stand by {Request that often follows "Please"}; 20a onsets {Inceptions}; 21a eats {Chow}; 25a T-tops {Some car roofs}; 27a reposted {Like some announcements that have been lost}; 28a Serena {Sister who's won the U.S. Open three times}; 30a I is {Grafton's "___ for Innocent"}; 31a ess {Curly shape}; 36a dbl {R.B.I. producer, sometimes: Abbr.}; 39a roi {Holder of le trône}; 40a St Olaf {Minnesota college}; 44a wait a sec {"Hold on!"}; 47a a roll {Hot, after "on"}; 51a Tito {Mambo king Puente}; 52a denies {Contravenes}; 53a remotes {They give you control}; 55a canine {Fang}; 57a misted {Lightly sprayed}; 58a Emil {Mathematician Post or Artin}; 59a ree {Riddle-me-___}; 60a idées {Foreign thoughts}; 61a op-ed {Kind of column}; 62a SDS {New Left org.}.

1d sunsets {Hackneyed movie endings}; 2d agitate {Perturb}; 3d locator {G.P.S. device, e.g.}; 4d retd. {Part of AARP: Abbr.}; 5d oribi {Small African antelope}; 6d in N.Y.C. {"Back ___" (1974 Genesis song)}; 7d Lee {Family name of about 15% of Koreans}; 8d fiasco {Big bomb}; 9d expels {Runs out}; 10d septate {Having a dividing wall, in biology}; 11d tresses {Locks}; 12d SSR {Map abbr. until 1991}; 15d synopsis {TV Guide info}; 17d on spec {How many writers work}; 20d O'Neil {Buck ___, first black coach in Major League Baseball (Cubs, 1962)}; 23d orifice {Opening}; 24d TDs {Patriot's concerns, briefly}; 26d Sno {___-Cat}; 29d airspeed {What machmeters measure}; 33d noels {Songs from rosy-cheeked singers, maybe}; 34d PTA {Moms and dads belong to it: Abbr.}; 35d sort of {Rather}; 36d DWI {Bad record, for short}; 37d band-aid {Not a long-term solution}; 38d license {Certain plate}; 41d loiters {Overstays?}; 42d altered {Not the same anymore}; 43d flosses {Gets ready to brush, maybe}; 45d tonite {This evening, on posters}; 46d amines {Organic compounds with nitrogen}; 49d tromp {Step heavily (on)}; 50d eenie {Start of a counting rhyme}; 54d mild {Like Clark Kent's manner}; 55d CMI {Third year in the reign of Edward the Elder}; 56d CEO {Corp. honcho}.

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