Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cruciverbal Canines

It's time for another cruciverbal cheat sheet. Now we're really going to the dogs.

Barney thinks you did a great job!
Asta {"The Thin Man" dog}

Astro {The Jetsons' dog}

Barney {Bush White House dog}

Benji {Cinema canine}

Bruno {Dog in Disney's "Cinderella"}

Daisy {Dog in "Blondie"}

Fala with Ross aka Crossword Man
Eddie {"Frasier" dog}

Elmer {Paul Bunyan's moose terrier}

Fala {F.D.R.'s dog}

Fido {Paul Bunyan's watch dog}

Fifi {Little dog of old Disney cartoons}

LaikaGoofy {Cartoon dog}

Lady {Disney dog}

Laika {First dog in space}

Lassie {Timmy's dog}

Nana {"Peter Pan" dog}

Nipper {Dog in Francis Barraud's painting "His Master's Voice"}

Pete(y) with the Our Gang cast
Odie {"Garfield" dog}

Old Yeller {1957 Disney classic}

Otto {"Beetle Bailey" dog}

Pete(y) {"Our Gang" dog}

Pluto {Disney dog}

Ren {Cartoon dog}

Rin Tin TinRex {Reagan White House dog}

Rin Tin Tin {Movie star of the 1920s}

Ruff {Dennis the Menace's dog}

Scooby-Doo {Cartoon dog}

Sandy {Arf says ____}

Sheba {Inge dog}

Snert {"Hägar the Horrible" dog}

Sport {Paul Bunyan's reversible dog}

TigeSpot {Dick and Jane's dog}

Tige {Buster Brown's dog}

Toto {"The Wizard of Oz" dog}

Weenie {Eloise's dog}

Zero {Little Annie Rooney's dog}

The Obamas definitely missed an opportunity to immortalize their pooch in the squares of eternity: the two-letter Bo doesn't quite cut it in crosswords.


Roxie said...

But... But... What about Old Yeller?

Crossword Man said...

Ok, you got him. I've also added Magdalen's suggestion: Weenie hasn't yet been in an NYT puzzle AFAIK, but it may only be a matter of time.

Roxie said...

I'm pretty sure I came across Old Yeller in a crossword some time ago (not sure whether it was NYT, but probably, because I was mostly reading the IHT at the time). If I am not mistaken the clue was 'rabid tear jerker'. :-)

Crossword Man said...

A witty clue, but one that gives away the sad ending. A favorite animal movie from my childhood is The Incredible Journey (1963); it has dogs Luath and Bodger, but neither is crossworthy it seems.

liquidSQL said...

I always think of "Sport" for Paul Bunyan's dog. The poor thing was severed in half by a wayward axe. After being sewn back together in the reverse fashion he had to run on two legs, when those tired he flipped himself over to run on the other two.

Crossword Man said...

Ok, "Sport" has made it to the lists and when Paul Bunyan's reversible dog makes it into a puzzle we will not hesitate over the answer. Thanks liquidSQL