Thursday, September 24, 2009

NPR Puzzle -- 09/20/09 Ford's Tan University

This week's puzzle:
Name a well-known university. Move the last letter three places earlier in the name. The result will be a phrase meaning "represent." What's the university and what's the phrase?
The answer is STANFORD & STAND FOR. I don't think you had to be a Stanford Cardinal to know the answer to this one. I tried some hints on Ross when he couldn't get west of the Mississippi in his mental map of American academia: Tiger Woods, Condoleezza Rice (former provost of the university) and the colors red & white. He asked what state it was in, but even then seemed to think San Diego State was a better bet. He did finally get it -- and c'mon, let's be honest and admit if the puzzle had been based on colleges at Oxford, we'd have been similarly disadvantaged!

Another autumnal photo, and this one's bittersweet in its way. (And not because that shrub is bittersweet, which it isn't; it's euonymus, although I'm not sure of the variety.) We had two euonymus bushes and they turned the most gorgeous color in the fall. One was removed this week, and the other is now about three feet high. All in the plan, which should result in a much improved landscape for Harmony, but still a bit of a blow as I see this photo. (Which is of our deck, complete with a plastic bin for recycling and an untidy hose.)

On to the value-added puzzle this week. Effectively, it's a series of anagram clues from a traditional Sunday puns & anagrams-style puzzle, perhaps in honor of the Mel Taub puzzle last Saturday? The answer to each clue is an anagram of one of the words in the clue itself. On the radio, Will limited himself to four-letter words, which seems fair for a puzzle to be solved on the air. With the clue right in front of you, it seemed sensible to make it a bit harder. I managed to fool Ross with just a couple, which always pleases me just a little more than it should.

Let's start this binge! BEGIN

Cheap fruit? PEACH

In the range of emotions from A to B? ANGER

A spot on her satin gown STAIN

Required on a baker's van? BRAKES

It makes a ragged hole? DAGGER

Salves for little lambs? BALMS

A shrub to be cleared? BRUSH

Cause chicken breasts to be coated? SAUCE

Often cited government order EDICT

Bother Meryl Streep? PESTER

Food found on Baja coast? TACOS

Royal insignia for Algeria? REGALIA

Among the fruits one might find in salsa MANGO

A weapon one admires? SIDEARM

An amber fish of the carp family BREAM (my apologies to any anglers who happen to know that bream are not amber in color... more a tannish-gold color, from my cursory research)

Angles between leaves and stems on willow genus Salix AXILS

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