Sunday, September 20, 2009

NPR Puzzle 09/20/09 -- Host Alien Hennas?

This week's puzzle:
Name a well-known university. Move the last letter three places earlier in the name. The result will be a phrase meaning "represent." What's the university and what's the phrase?
Hey, guess what? I actually got this one before Ross. I'm really chuffed, which is a wonderful English word meaning "pleased" or "self-satisfied." As all of you must be, because I just know you got the right answer even faster than I did.

Welcome to autumn, at least here in the Endless Mountains. It's occurred to me that my posts look really anemic compared to Ross's, which are chock full of photos and video clips. So here's a photo of our wood stove, which got fired up this morning for the first time this season. It's soapstone, and I gather the stone absorbs moisture over the summer, so it needs "proving fires" to warm it gently and dry out the stone before we really crank it up.

And now that we're all warm, let's get on to the value added puzzle for this week. On air, Will's version gave clues to four-letter words with an anagram of the answer in the clue itself. To make things more interesting, I'm not going to limit myself to a specific number of letters, nor am I going to tell you how long the answer is. So all you know is, there is an anagram of the answer somewhere in the clue.

Let's start this binge!

Cheap fruit?

In the range of emotions from A to B?

A spot on her satin gown

Required on a baker's van?

It makes a ragged hole?

Salves for little lambs?

A shrub to be cleared?

Cause chicken breasts to be coated?

Often cited government order

Bother Meryl Streep?

Food found on Baja coast?

Royal insignia for Algeria?

Among the fruits one might find in salsa

A weapon one admires?

An amber fish of the carp family

Angles between leaves and stems on willow genus Salix

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