Thursday, October 22, 2009

NPR Puzzle 10/18/09 Stephen Colbert on Survivor?

This week's puzzle:
Take the name of the singer Bonnie Raitt, rearrange these 11 letters to be two words that are loosely synonyms. What are they?
The answers are NATION & TRIBE. I can see why they have to be deemed loosely synonymous; you can imagine a Cherokee Nation and a tribe of Cherokee. On the other hand, the "Colbert Tribe" or the "Galu nation" on Survivor Samoa just doesn't sound right. (Trust me to have television references to hand...)

Very little message today -- I'm off to see the dentist, whose office is 150 miles away (long story, long trip -- don't ask). But I did want you to know, I'm on Twitter! MagdalenB That's my avatar head shot, so if you see it, run. Or read. Your choice.

(May I say, it looks better as a thumbnail, but I've made it as small as Blogger will let me. Let's just say the dim lights in Twitterland flatter me!)

I would love to get Ross to do stuff like Twitter, but it's never going to happen. If it did, though, here's the photo I'd like him to use:

Ross is the one on the right. We never caught the name of the kid on the left.

And the oh-so-easy-to-spot-the-answer extra value puzzle this week? Here's Will's on-air explanation of this puzzle style, altered to accommodate my puzzle:
The answer to each clue is a word which can be found in consecutive letters inside the clue. For example, if I said "a sail boat's part", you would say "spar", because a sail boat's part is a spar, and it's concealed in consecutive letters inside "sail boat's parts."
I tried to make them a bit more challenging, but if you were reading them, they weren't hard. (What makes hidden word cryptic clues hard in puzzle is that you don't know it's a hidden word clue. Even then, they're the easiest to solve most times.)

Creating beauty in gift-wrapping

As much herb as I like

Polishes and smooths

Needs to vent

Item within group

The sound from that piano is everywhere

We'll need one to equip an elevator

Polish in Europe

What's counted watching the ads

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