Sunday, November 8, 2009

NPR Puzzle 11/08/09 -- Back to the Almanac, Jack!

Here's this week's puzzle:
If you write "WOW" in capital letters and hold up a mirror at the side of the word, you'll see "WOW" perfectly reflected in the mirror. Here's the puzzle: Think of a nationality and write it in capital letters. If you remove one stroke from the first letter, and one stroke from the last letter, and hold up a mirror at the side, the name of the nationality will be perfectly reflected in the mirror. What nationality is it?
Yup, another easy one with TEA.  And, failing that, try the almanac, which is often very useful for these international puzzles.  Actually, the challenge came not in finding the answer, but seeing how the answer would work -- meaning which single stroke would you take off the first and last letters to make the word symmetrical on the vertical axis.  It reminds me of those matchstick puzzles, which I was never very good at.

We're home from our lovely stay at Mohonk Mountain House.  Hub 1.0 and I went there some years back in January for a weekend (the Philadelphia Eagles were playing in an early playoff game, not that this narrows down the possible year of our trip) and because of the snow, we completely failed to appreciate how many very accessible walks there are right around the hotel.  (Instead, we went snowtubing and I had a nightmarish moment when I could not stand up and no one could come down the run until I was upright again.  Aggh.  Horrible even now to recall...) 

This time, the weather was cool and perfect for walking.  Ross and I took off every morning after breakfast, picking a different route each time.  This photo is from the Eagle Cliff walk, looking back toward the hotel.  Sorry there wasn't more sunshine, but really we were just relieved it wasn't raining.

We didn't take any photos inside the hotel, but one thing is clear: there's a lot of seating outside that doesn't get used until the weather is warmer.  Inside, there was a bit of polite competition for the seats nearest to fireplaces.  The challenge was to find seats someplace quiet enough to read but warm enough to counter the drafts from people wandering in and out of the doors to this porch.  A good place is the "library" (housing a modest collection of books, most of which seem quite timely for a historical property like Mohonk) -- it was toasty warm there despite not having a fireplace.

For this week's value added puzzle, I'll continue the tribute to Liane Hansen's 20 years on Weekend Edition Sunday.  It's categories again, and this time you can actually post your answers in the comments, if you wish. (See if you can come up with items not already mentioned!)  So, starting with each of the letters in L I A N E, come up with items in the following categories:

1)  Flowers

2)  Household items

3)  Rivers

4)  Writers

5)  Colors

Have fun!

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Roxie said...

Compared to last week's rotten extra article - this was easy! I wrote out the alphabet, and by process of elimination there were only so many letters to work with :-) From there the answer was quite self evident.