Thursday, November 12, 2009

NPR Puzzle -- 11/08/09 Where's Iiaitia, Again?

Here's this week's puzzle:

If you write "WOW" in capital letters and hold up a mirror at the side of the word, you'll see "WOW" perfectly reflected in the mirror. Here's the puzzle: Think of a nationality and write it in capital letters. If you remove one stroke from the first letter, and one stroke from the last letter, and hold up a mirror at the side, the name of the nationality will be perfectly reflected in the mirror. What nationality is it?
Okay, here's the answer:
If that's not the answer you got, look at it again.  We're pretty sure that's the answer made mirror-image-ready.

Yes, that is a replica of the Liberty Bell made entirely of Lego blocks.  I'm bored today, so I thought I'd throw in a random photo for your amusement.

And speaking of amusement, or lack thereof, no one posted a comment with sample answers for the categories puzzle from Sunday.  Which is okay; luckily my ego can take it.  But still, I have to wonder, and, um, I know I'm going to sound cranky here and I apologize in advance, but is anyone doing these puzzles?  You know, even just really fast before navigating away from the page?  D'you think you could let us know? Just a comment with "Thumbs Up" or "Sure Thing," or even "Well, they're not the stupidest thing I do each week, so I guess it's not a complete waste of time..."  Hey, feel free to cut & paste that exact answer...

In the event that anyone is wondering, here are some items to answer the categories puzzle from Sunday, where each item had to start with one of the letters from L I A N E:

1)  Flowers:
Lily, Lupin, Lobelia, Larkspur, Loosestrife, Lilianthus
Aster, Azalea, Alyssum, Anemone, Astilbe, Amaryllis, African violet
Nasturtium, Nigella

2)  Household items
Lamp, Linen, Linoleum, Lampshade, Lightbulb
Iron, Ironing board, Icebox
Ashtray, Alarm clock
Nightlight, Napkin
Egg (cup, timer, whisk), Electric (mixer, razor, blanket), Extractor fan, Earthenware

3)  Rivers
Loire, Limpopo
Indus, Illinois
Amazon, Avon, Arkansas, Athabaska
Nile, Niagara, Niger

4)  Writers
Lewis (C.S.), London (Jack), Lytton (Bulwer "It was a dark & stormy night"), Lawrence (T.E.)
Ibsen (Henrik), Irving (Washington), Isherwood (Christopher)
Alcott (Louisa May), Asimov (Isaac), Austen (Jane), Ambler (Eric), Andersen (Hans Christian), Amis (Martin or Kingsley), Aesop, Auden (W.H.)
Nabokov (Vladimir), Nash (Ogden), Nesbit (E.), Naipaul (V.S.)
Emerson (Ralph Waldo), Eliot (T.S.)

5)  Colors
Lemon, Lime, Lapis Lazuli, Lavender, Lilac
Auburn, Amber, Almond, Avocado, Apple, Aqua(marine), Azure, Amethyst, Aubergine
Nile, Navy
Eggshell, Ecru, Emerald

P.S.  It's Haitian

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