Thursday, November 19, 2009

NPR Puzzle 11/15/09 -- Sometimes a Nokia is a Phone, Sometimes It's Not a Car

Here's this week's puzzle:

Name an auto manufacturer and a telecommunications company, both well-known companies, whose names are exact opposites of each other.
And here's the answer we came up with:  NOKIA and KIA.  I can't wait to see what others got.  I suspect the so-called "wrong" answers will be more creative and interesting than the puzzle or the "right" answer.

Meanwhile, life is quiet chez Crosswordman.  Sleeping dogs are being left alone (okay, so her eyes are open here, but back when this photo was taken, Mimi lying down was definitely close to comatose) and various autumnal chores have been completed.  After felling and bucking more than a dozen trees, Ross has ensured that we have two horse-stalls filled with firewood (we guesstimate that to be close to 6-8 cords of wood, plus the older stuff we've burned so far this season, which is a lot more than we've ever had at this point in the woodburning season), I've finished the mowing of our meadows, and together we got the snowblower attached to the tractor and set up ready for the second snowstorm!  So we're ready for winter.  Just in time for some more days in the 60s, but that can change at any moment, and we know from experience it's good to be prepared.

This week's value-added puzzle was a complete-the-phrase one.  Every answer in today's puzzle is a familiar phrase in the form BLANK of BLANK, where the first word starts with the letter B. Given the last word of the phrase, you needed to supply the first word. Example: For "clergy," the answer would be "benefit," as in BENEFIT of CLERGY.

1.  BARBER of Seville

2.  BALL of Wax

3.  BUNDLE of Nerves

4.  BAY of Fundy

5.  BIRD of Paradise

6.  BACHELOR of Arts

7.  BOARD of Health

8.  BEAST of Prey (okay, it's BIRD, but I'd used that already; my bad -- I should have done BEAST of Burden)

9.  BED of Roses

10.  BARREL of Monkeys

11.  BAND of Gold

12.  BEAM of Light

13.  BODY of Water

14.  BACK of Beyond 


Roxie said...

As Dan said, I ultimately came up with Sprint & Rover - in all honesty, telecommunications companies as cell phone manufacturer never even occurred to me. I however really liked Infinity & Cingular, but I did not come up with that one on my own... Nokia & Kia is very cool though.

Dan said...

I submitted Hummer & Broadvoice, and Roxie submitted Sprint & Rover.

Roxie said...

* Infiniti & Cingular... those darn funky spellings.

Magdalen said...

Roxie -- That's what I thought when we first did it: Nokia isn't a telecommunications company because it doesn't actually connect phone callers with their callees. But then I thought -- well, in the broader sense, Nokia falls into that business sector (as opposed to automobiles, computers, food, etc.). So I guess it's okay.

Infiniti -- that's Nissan's luxury brand, so it's possible Nissan is the manufacturer. Same thing with GM and Hummer.

Rover is interesting. Ross says it was its own car manufacturer in the UK, but all I can find is MG Rover, which is the result of some deals starting with BMW buying the original Rover group in 2000.

Ross thinks this may be one of those puzzle where not a lot of people got the answer. We'll see!

Roxie said...

Magdalen: I had the same doubts about Infiniti - it's not a manufacturer. I told Dan the same thing about the Hummer (now Chinese owned), and mentioned the fact that I had never ever heard of BroadVoice.
From what I understand Rover was broken up and sold off several years ago, but at least it was a car manufacturer.
Kia is now owned by Hyundai, which results in the coolest translation of car names: Hyundai = Modernity, Kia = rises from Asia, which amounts to Modernity rises from Asia; whereas Rover is now partially owned by Tata - Tata Rover simply reminds me of the recent mishaps with the Mars Rovers :-)

However, I have to admit that Kia-Nokia would have been the answer I would have submitted, had I thought of it (English Language needs a proper Subjunctive here).

Magdalen said...

Roxie -- Your knowledge of the current status of car manufacturers, brands, groups, and the like is very impressive. I, of course, needed Henry to solve this because he'd actually test-drove some Kia(s) the week before!

Roxie said...

Magdalen: Well, that knowledge came only in light of intensive internet sleuthing due to the puzzle :-)