Sunday, November 29, 2009

NPR Puzzle 11/29/09 -- We're All Turkeyed Out

Again, I'm late -- we decided to spend the last day of Henry's visit chez Crosswordman doing companionable things, like finishing the jigsaw puzzle and seeing a movie together, rather than solitary activities like -- well, like blogging.

Here's this week's puzzle:
Think of three six-letter words starting with B, G and F. The last five letters of the words are the same and in the same order, yet none of the words rhymes with any of the others. What words are these?
Not too hard, I think.  Ross has some software in alpha-test mode that he used to solve it, but I wouldn't be surprised if you all tell us on Thursday that it came to you in the first five minutes!

This is the movie we saw.  I'm not a big Wes Anderson fan.  (Didn't like Rushmore -- sorry, kids! -- and had no interest in seeing The Royal Tenenbaums.)  But after a few good reviews, I thought this would be a good movie for all three of us to see.  It's still a bit deadpan for my tastes, but hey -- that's why different people like different things.  Ross was amused that yet again, all the villains had English accents.  (Michael Gambon is amazing in this movie -- or, rather, his voice is.  George Clooney -- well, don't get me wrong: I love George Clooney, but I was always conscious that it was George Clooney's voice.  I also love Michael Gambon, but trust me:  you won't leave the movie thinking, "Oh, I just couldn't stop thinking of Dumbledore...")

And, yes, there are some minor references to turkeys in the movie, so it was a good time to see it.  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  See you Thursday!


Dan said...

Roxie and I both have some sort of stomach bug, but she got it pretty quick, and while I was conversing with God on my big white telephone, he gave me the answer in the first 5 minutes that I was thinking about the puzzle.

Magdalen said...

Dan -- I'm so sorry about the stomach bug. But I applaud you for solving the puzzle. Um, in light of the stomach bug, the less I ask about your "big white telephone" the better! (But it is a relief that God knows the answers to the NPR Puzzle; kinda goes with that "omniscience" gig, but still...)