Thursday, December 10, 2009

NPR Puzzle -- 12/6/09 Not Naples, Florida, Silly

Here's this week's puzzle:
Take the letters in "PLEASANTLY," plus the letter I. Rearrange these 11 letters to name a well-known place. What is it?
And the answer is Naples, Italy.

So, what do you think -- was Merl Reagle there recently, or did he just get a postcard from someone?  We know he wasn't making paper airplanes:  FOLDS AIRPLANE is an anagram of Naples, Florida.

I'm in a mad tearing rush doing holiday things like cards and buying the groceries for Henry's and my annual Cookie Weekend (I promise photos on Sunday), plus more mundane stuff like a Pension Committee meeting yesterday and a Finance/Audit Committee meeting this afternoon.  (Somehow when I was selected to serve on the Board of Directors for Maternal and Family Health Systems, I didn't realize I'd be tapped to help with the dollars & cents -- but I'm happy to serve.)  So, no time to chat. 

See you all on Sunday!  I'll be the one with suspicious cookie crumbs around my mouth...

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Roxie said...

Better late than never - last week was a little too crazy for my taste so I shall post the funny story now:

Dan is an internationally ranked Scrabble player - understandably he's quite good at anagramming, whereas I am, simply put, not.
So in light of last week's challenge I went to grab the scrabble tiles and came up with all sorts of funny word combinations that made no sense what so ever. I however had an incling that I was on to something when I exclaimed: "Well, I have 'Italy Panels', I wonder if there are famous Italian Panels...?" And Dan began to laugh maniacally. Believe it or not, it took me a few more minutes to realize what was staring me in the face :-)