Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pavlov's Guide to Crosswords

It's no Secret that certain Key words in clues have misled me Time and again. These words are frequently exploited in the more challenging American puzzles - often at the start of the clue in the case of the proper nouns. I'll add to this list as I come across new candidates ... it's a work in progress.

If you see this in a clue ... You should be thinking ...
A baseball player
American airline
Angel baseball player
Auburn university

Bad German bath
Banks actress Tyra
Bard a college
Bean your head
Beetle car
Begin Israeli PM Menachim
Bench baseball catcher Johnny
Bird basketballer Larry
Bond 007
Boulder place in Colorado
Bounty paper towel
Boxer dog
Bread money
Brit journalist Brit Hume
Brown a university
Buck dollar

Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes
Cab wine
Cabbage money
Caddy car
Capital currency
Card baseball player
Cash singer Johnny
Cell mobile phone
Cellar bottom of a league
Child Julia Child
Citation racehorse
Common rapper
Continental airline
Converse shoes
Crawl swimming
Creamer golfer Paula
Cuban entrepreneur Mark
Cupid reindeer
Curly Stooge Curly Howard

Atlanta, IL: Hot Dog Man
Dancer reindeer
Dash dashboard
Diamond baseball
Dog frankfurter
Dogs your feet
Dollar car rental
Dough money
Due 2 in Italian
Duke a university
Early Civil War general
Explorer web browser

Larry Fine
Field Sally Field
Fine Stooge Larry Fine
First baseball
Flip comedian Flip Wilson
Flower rivers (they flow)
Flower power hydroelectricity
Forest Actor Whitaker
Fox Tribe
Frank hot dog
Friday Dragnet
Friday Robinson Crusoe

2300 Jackson St, Gary, Indiana
Gary place in Indiana
Glass Ira Glass of public radio
Golf VW car
Grinder submarine sandwich
Guinness records

Happy dwarfs
Hatch senator Orrin
Head head of cattle
Head toilet
Heat firearms
Heat basketball team
Hero submarine sandwich
Hill US Congress
Hog motorcycle
Holder Attorney General Eric
Home baseball
Hook pirate
Hook punch
Hoops basketball
Hopper painter Edward
Howard a university
Hunter a college

If you see this in a clue ... You should be thinking ...
I iodine
Jazz basketball team
Kale money
Key the national anthem

Lab dog
Lash Lash LaRue
Lava soap
Lawless Xena portrayer Lucy
Lettuce money
Life cereal
Lightning ice hockey team
Local local train
Loop Chicago neighborhood

Mad magazine
Mad a magazine
Magic basketball team
Mason Perry Mason
Mayo Irish county
Meadow Meadow Soprano
Merit cigarettes
Mix cowboy actor Tom
Mobile city in Alabama
Mop head of hair
More a magazine

Napoleon pastry
Nancy place in France
Napoleon Animal Farm
Napoleon pastry
National car rental
Nice place in France
Number anesthetic (makes you numb)

Baltimore Orioles bird
If you see this in a clue ... You should be thinking ...
O baseball player
O magazine
O oxygen
Olympus cameras
Opera web browser

On The Road manuscript scroll
Paint horse
Paradise Sal Paradise of On the Road
Parenting a magazine
Parliament cigarettes
People magazine
Pilot pen
Post cereals
Red baseball player
Remote TV changer
Rocket basketball player
Rush Radio host Limbaugh

Soupy Sales
Safer CBS News man Morley
Sales Soupy Sales, pie target
Save(s) baseball stat
Second baseball
Secret deodorant
Semi truck
Sentence prison time
Shape a magazine
Shower baby or bridal
Side side dish
Singer sewing machines
Sister nuns
Snowball Animal Farm
Solo Han Solo
Speaker baseballer Tris
Steal baseball
Stern violinist Isaac
Stock Soup
Strawberry baseballer Darryl
Street Perry Mason's secretary
Street skier Picabo
Subway sandwiches
Sumac soprano Yma

Temple University
Temple a university
Third baseball
Thunder basketball team
Time magazine
Tours place in France
Toy small dog
Urban country musician Keith
Us magazine
Venus Venus Williams
Vixen reindeer

W Magazine
If you see this in a clue ... You should be thinking ...
W magazine
W a president
Washington actor Denzel
White newspaper editor
Wizards basketball team

Ivan Pavlov
This feature is named in honor of Ivan Pavlov, the pioneer of classical conditioning.


Gareth Bain said...

Beware the double bluff!

Crossword Man said...

You have a suspicious mind!

Gareth Bain said...

A couple more you might like to add (I had a 3rd but it's escaping me at the mo).

FLOWER - River (though it's more a cryptic thing, I've seen it enough in US crosswords to take heed.
SISTER - Nuns! (as in this weeks Fireball) and also one of the dailies this week...

Crossword Man said...

You got 'em. Haven't yet seen "flower" indicating a river in a regular US puzzle, but glad to be warned about the possibility!

Anonymous said...

I might add "W" as a reference to George W. Bush to that list, as well.

Crossword Man said...

Thanks Anon ... done!

Mark Satterthwaite said...

Also appearing in Brit cryptics: "Flower Power", which is hydroelectricity.

Crossword Man said...

I hadn't heard that one before, Mark. Now added.

Jamie said...

I love your cheat sheets. It would be great if you provided a .doc file so I could print them out w/o the graphics and colors. Or colours!

Crossword Man said...

Thanks Jamie. Great suggestion and I am certainly considering producing the cheat sheet info in other formats eventually ... like when I've covered everything I can think of (could be a while). But I love the graphics - the material would be rather dry without it and a whole lot less fun to prepare.

Bob Kerfuffle said...

My favorite -

Number = anaesthetic

Crossword Man said...

Yup, that's a classic. I've added it now. Thanks Bob