Thursday, January 21, 2010

NPR Puzzle 1/17/10 -- Oh-Tay (We Got It)

Here's this week's puzzle (I'm including the source in case that helps):
This comes from Mike Reiss, producer of The Simpsons and co-creator of The Critic. Will Shortz is looking for the full names of well-known female TV stars — one actress and one comedian. The first four letters of the actress' first name are the last four letters of the comedian's last name, and the first four letters of the comedian's first name are the last four letters of the actress' last name. Who are these well-known entertainers?
Now, on Sunday we had to admit that a) we didn't have the answer, and b) Ross's software wasn't helping.  This leads me to say two things:  First, congratulations to everyone who did solve it on Sunday, and second, congrats to Mike Reiss for coming up with a great puzzle.  The answers are CHERI OTERI and TERI HATCHER

I did think of Teri Hatcher as I was mentally naming all the actresses on TV today, but I had a senior moment and couldn't think of her last name.  I recall thinking, "That's okay, I'll come back to her," continued with the rest of the cast of Desperate Housewives, and fell asleep.  (I was trying to fall asleep at the time, so it would have been a generally acceptable outcome if not for the failure to remember her last name and see its significance in solving the puzzle.)

Ross meanwhile was trying various ways to come up with the comedian's name.  He'd run through the female cast of The Simpsons and Family Guy before he hit on the happy thought of checking the various casts of Saturday Night Live.  Interestingly, Cheri Oteri is from Philadelphia, where I used to live.  She's also appeared in the NYT Crossword several times; four times in the last year alone.  Her surname always makes me think of Eddie Murphy as Buckwheat, saying "Oh-tay."  I know, I know:  That's completely inappropriate and I should be ashamed of myself.  She was on SNL much later than Murphy.

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henry.blancowhite said...

Not sure I've ever heard of either of them, and listing and finding cast lists for television programs would have been way too much like hard work. I'll be interested to hear how many entries they got.