Thursday, January 28, 2010

NPR Puzzle 1/24/10 Eric, May I Introduce Ceri?

Here's this week's puzzle:

Think of a common first name for a boy, starting with the letter E, two syllables. Rearrange all of the letters to form a common first name for a girl, also with two syllables. What names are these?
As I pointed out on Sunday, if Will Shortz hadn't included that pesky word "common" we could have had some fun.  We got four, Henry got the fifth.

Here goes:

Eric (common) + Ceri (a Welsh version of Kerry as a girl's name; also maybe the nickname for Cerys, also a Welsh girl's name.  Not common)

Ethan (common) + Netha (one site says it means "leader" in Hindi -- but don't believe everything you read on the Internet; I did find a Netha White who works as a receptionist for the Seattle Seahawks.  Not common)

Edwin (common enough) + Wendi (not so common, but you can see how it might arise)

Ernie (common) + Irene (common) = we have the winner!

Elisha (not very common) + Sheila (common); the real problem here is that Elisha is three syllables and so disqualified.

In honor of Ernie being the answer today, I've decided to show some of Globetrotting Ernie's photos.  Some guy decided to take an Ernie Pez dispenser with him on his travels.  Enjoy!  (Oh, you can click on any of the photos to go to Globetrotting Ernie's Flickr stream, and maybe get more information there.)


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