Sunday, January 24, 2010

NPR Puzzle 1/24/10 -- The Mane Game

Here's this week's puzzle:
Think of a common first name for a boy, starting with the letter E, two syllables. Rearrange all of the letters to form a common first name for a girl, also with two syllables. What names are these?
Dang!  If he hadn't included that pesky word "common" we could have had some fun.  (Well, we still can -- I'll post the not-right answers on Thursday!)

Anagrams are easy here at Casa Crucigramisto, and it turns out, they're even easy when all you want to look at is proper names.  Who knew?  Thank goodness for last week's puzzle, where we really did have to solve it the old fashioned way!

Not much news to report here.  Henry seems still to be alive, which is a good thing and not entirely surprising.  Still, I want an answer to the question What the heck happened last weekend? and I hope he gets it after seeing a doctor tomorrow.  Otherwise, it's boring and gray here -- very typical of January in the Northeast.  Oh, and we're under a flood watch because they're predicting two inches of rain.

Okay, if I'm reduced to blogging about the weather, it's time to sign off and watch the football.  We hope your team wins.  (Diplomatic, no?)


henry.blancowhite said...

I have one solution, after scanning the list in the back of Chambers for male names beginning in E, no other aids. I am old enough to remember that that list used to be called "The More Common English Christian Names," so "common" is clearly subjective.

blake said...

among other random pictures with STP and the slogan on it, i found an old ad while looking up the 27A answer and it appears that "the racers's edge" was indeed a slogan for STP at some time.. i'm not sure when though.. personally never heard of it


Crossword Man said...

Thanks blake, that's a great image and I love the blurb.

Roxie said...

Am I the only one with 4 possible answers to this puzzle (of which two are rather unlikely, but that still leaves two likely ones)...?