Friday, January 15, 2010

NYT Saturday 1/16/10 - Dog Day Morning

Ross with FalaI have to be very brief today, as with rain forecast for tomorrow, we've been trying to do all our D.C. sightseeing today. This morning we looked round most of the famous monuments, and finally got to see Fala, star of the Cruciverbal Canines ... next stop Asta?

The weather is very good for January, but I can see we'll have to make another visit when all the fountains are running and when the famous cherry trees are in bloom. This weekend's trip was organized around attending the Grand Opening of the Industry Gallery, which is run by a friend of Magdalen's ... here's the New York Times article about the opening.

So this Saturday New York Times crossword was solved in an unfamiliar hotel room and on the computer (I'm used to solving on paper). Nevertheless, the puzzle seemed on the easy side: it helped that I knew the grid-spanning answers, both the (UK-centric?) The Moon and Sixpence and beer and skittles. It was also helpful to have stage mom as a 1-Across so soon after its outing two days ago.

Unfortunately, it wasn't all plain sailing as there were a couple of problem areas on the left hand side: I had to make a reasoned guess at the intersection of 61-Across hyson and 55-Down Ito, as both are on the level of ringing vague bells, but no more.

Then 28a sul went beyond my knowledge of Portuguese, so I had to rely on remembering 29d LPN and wasn't 100% comfortable with the way it was clued - {Orderly supervisor, maybe: Abbr.}. Do LPNs supervise orderlies ... actually I see now that Wikipedia suggests they do, but it seemed unlikely to me at the time I was solving.
Solving time: 25 mins (solo, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 32a stampede {Driver's problem}

Ned White
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]

Ned White / Will Shortz
15x15 with 32 (14.2%) black squares
70 (average length 5.51)
Theme squares
0 (0.0%)
Scrabble points
321 (average 1.66)
Letters used
1a stage mom {One very concerned with how a kid acts}; 9a aspic {Edible mold}; 14a potato rot {Plant disease similar to blackleg}; 16a Meara {Comic actress who co-starred on "Archie Bunker's Place"}; 17a Aretha Now {1968 soul album with the hit "Think"}; 18a beset {Plague}; 19a sta. {Boarding house?: Abbr.}; 20a no no no! {"That's completely wrong!"}; 22a -oma {Medical suffix}; 23a met up {Got together}; 26a tawny {Like the coats of 25-Down}; 27a dew {"... who hath begotten the drops of ___?": Job 38:28}; 28a sul {South of Brazil?}; 30a new {Not just reworked}; 31a bomb {Lay an egg}; 32a stampede {Driver's problem}; 35a aabba {Limerick scheme}; 36a beer and skittles {A bowl of cherries, in Chelsea}; 38a reams {Sheets are sold in them}; 39a his or her {Gender-neutral phrase}; 40a A Dry {"___ White Season" (André Brink novel)}; 41a tax {Cost increaser}; 42a nie {Not even once, to Nietzsche}; 43a cmd. {Mil. authority}; 44a morph {Change (into)}; 46a ASCAP {Org. that tracks numbers}; 50a Kor. {It was split in 1948: Abbr.}; 51a I'm Real {#1 hit from the album "J.Lo"}; 53a à la {Mimicking}; 54a in oil {How some foods are packed}; 56a in so far as {To the extent that}; 59a septa {Dividers of 35-Down}; 60a score-card {A caddie may hold it}; 61a hyson {A caddy may hold it}; 62a end rhyme {Sonnet feature}.

1d spasm {Jerk}; 2d torte {Nutty nosh}; 3d ate at {Troubled}; 4d gat {Rod}; 5d -eth {End of the Bible?}; 6d moan {Evidence of paranormal activity, perhaps}; 7d or not {Speculation follower}; 8d Moon and Sixpence {1919 novel set in Paris and Tahiti, with "The"}; 9d Amboy {The ___ Dukes (1960s-'70s band)}; 10d see {Go with}; 11d paso doble {Dance based on bullfight music}; 12d I Remember {"Time was ..."}; 13d catawbas {Carolina natives}; 15d two weeks {What an angry employee might give a boss}; 21d NNW {Kansas City-to-Omaha dir.}; 24d U. S. Army {Company man's grp.?}; 25d pumas {Deer stalkers}; 29d LPN {Orderly supervisor, maybe: Abbr.}; 31d bathes {Engages in hydrotherapy}; 32d seed money {Entrepreneur's request}; 33d tear-drops {They may fall when you're down}; 34d Ed Harris {Jackson Pollock's player in "Pollock"}; 35d atria {They're fed by venae cavae}; 36d brackish {Neither freshwater nor marine}; 37d ion {What "+" may indicate}; 41d Tom {Kenyan leader Mboya whom Obama called his "godfather"}; 44d Milan {Biblioteca Ambrosiana locale}; 45d has on {Sports}; 47d Caray {Sportscaster with the autobiography "Holy Cow!"}; 48d alarm {Cell phone feature}; 49d pas de {___ bourrée (ballet move)}; 52d lord {One who minds his manors?}; 55d Ito {Contemporary of Baiul and Yamaguchi}; 57d fer {Élément #26}; 58d ach {Exclamation in Ems}.

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