Sunday, February 28, 2010

NPR Puzzle 2/28/10 -- Something Old Something New & NYPD Blue

Here's this week's puzzle:
Name an animal in two syllables. Add an S at the end of the first syllable, and you'll get the name of an old TV show. The second syllable, phonetically, is the name of a current TV show. What animal is this?
Once we understood the puzzle, it was easy.  That is probably the First Commandment of NPR Puzzle Solving:  Make Sure You Understand The Puzzle.

In our case, we needed to see that we were looking for 1 two-syllable animal but 2 one-syllable TV shows.


We got snow this week.  We'd missed the Snopocalypse, we'd dodged Snowmageddon, but we got hammered by the Snowicaine!  (I know -- it almost makes you miss the good old days when any one of these storms would have been dubbed "The Storm of 2010!")

For us, it just meant hunkering down for a couple days, changing plans, and eying the milk supply warily.  On Friday, when the winds had died down, we were able to get the tractor & its snow blower out and working on the driveways.  That allowed us to get one car out (and get to the market for more milk -- when you live with a tea-addicted Brit, you always monitor the milk situation!), and yesterday Ross got the second car out.

The real victim here is our dog, Mimi.  Mimi doesn't like snow.  She's better than she was last year, but it's not her preferred milieu.  When the deck looks as it did in the picture above, she's disinclined to go outside at all.  So shoveling is necessary.

Ah, that's better.  Ross shoveled her a path for her, uh, needs.  I really can't tell if she needs to smell the grass, or just doesn't like the feel of the snow on her paws, or what.  But we do know when it's just a good idea to get out there and take care of the dog's needs.

A happy dog makes for a happy household.  Now all we have to do is get her outside -- get all of us outside! -- for some exercise.

Greetings from the great white northeast of Pennsylvania. And from Mimi, who's currently sleeping in front of the fire. Because a shoveled path is all very well for short visits, but you don't want to stay there.


Roxie said...

Good times - snow in New York City! Although half the population is freaked out, our predominantly Polish neighborhood really doesn't seem to care much. Personally, having grown up in the Alps, I find it idyllic. And since the puzzle was a bit of a gimme, I can return to enjoying the scenery and figure out where I'd like to have brunch.

Anonymous said...

I think Will's contract must be up for renewal with his raise based on the number of correct responses to what used to be "challenges."
This is two weeks in a row where taking the time to write down the clue slows the solution.

Natasha said...

Anonymous, I believe NPR is using easy puzzles to get a listener census perhaps tied to contract renewal. All answers whether correct or not are counted.

henry.blancowhite said...

Not so easy for those of us who are not long term followers of American television. I had to read through the lists of animals in a crossword dictionary and hope that one of them clicked.

Magdalen said...

Roxie -- I'm sure the weather gods are happy to supply you with sufficient snow to assuage your homesickness for the Alps. Just don't tell anyone that you're responsible! :-)

Anonymous -- I did send in the correct answer to a puzzle that only 16 people got right (or some similarly tiny number); I still didn't get picked. I doubt Will's contract with NPR is up for renewal, or if it is that it's affected by how easy or hard his puzzles are. But it may be true that someone said, hey make `em easy for a while so that more people will feel smart. (Local NPR stations, like ours, got hit particularly hard by reductions in state budgets, so maybe more people entering means more people pledging support.)

Natasha -- See my personal theory, above.

Henry -- I still can't believe you thought I would provide a hint to such an easy puzzle. Silly man. You just need to watch more TV. :-)

Natasha said...

The puzzle is easily solved by viewing a list of classic TV programs.