Thursday, March 25, 2010

NPR Puzzle 3/21/10 -- New New Zealand Photos (But No New Gnus or Elands)

Here's this week's puzzle:
Take the plural name of one animal and the singular name of another animal. Say the two words out loud one after the other and you'll name a country. What are the animals, and what is the country?
The answer is GNUS and ELAND = NEW ZEALAND.

Thanks to Mendo Jim for telling us about an 1871 volume with this puzzle in it.  Hmm.  Wonder what other puzzles Will Shortz has found in there?  (Kidding, Will.  I'm sure you thought this one up all on your own.)

I've been to New Zealand; it's easily the most beautiful place on the planet, at least among the places I've been.  I'm now going to post some Flickr images only because when I went there in 1987 I didn't have a digital camera and I can't be bothered to scan in my phenomenally gorgeous photos.  (What can I say?  New Zealand doesn't have a "bad side.")

Please note that the last one is the photo I used on Sunday without proper attribution (I'll go back and amend that post now, but obviously I couldn't link back to the Flickr page without rather giving the game away as to the identity of the country!) Oh, and Henry? The penultimate photo is for you.

Okay, Mendo Jim has picked 2000-2500, I pick 1500-2000 and Ross has selected 4000-4500.  Lots of great slots still going begging, and there are actual prizes...


Natasha said...

Please put me down for 100-500 correct entries. Not sure of the rules for this, though.

Magdalen said...

Natasha, no rules, but here's what we're doing. You know how the puzzle segment on Sunday's Weekend Edition radio program goes: Liane (or the guest host) introduces Will Shortz and says, "Remind us what the puzzle was from last week," and he repeats the puzzle and the answer. Liane then says, "We had over X answers, and the randomly selected correct answer was ..." Sometimes, she says they had "just under Y" entries.

Based on that pattern, and taking into consideration how easy or difficult you think the puzzle is, you get to pick the range you think NPRs going to announce. If you think about 1700 people are going to send in entries, you pick 1500-2000.

Ordinarily, we split out the 100s (so "fewer than 100" is a single pick, "fewer than 200" etc.) but given no one else has picked those, we'll let you have 100 - 500.

There now is (officially) a prize. Not a very expensive prize, but a prize.

Good luck!

Ben said...

Damn, I am upset! I came here to accept my prize, and was so excited. And now I see that my post, claiming the 1000-1500 slot, did not post.

I hate wordpress, or whatever captcha thing didn't take my post!

I guess I'll have to try again this week.


This week I'll take 3500-4000.

-- Ben

Crossword Man said...

Ben, we trust you! Please let us know your postal address via the Crossword Man feedback page and we'll send you the prize.

By the way, this is a Blogger-based blog. Magdalen thinks Wordpress is great and has plans to migrate her Promantica blog to it one fine day.