Thursday, March 11, 2010

NPR Puzzle - 3/7/10 Sparky the Engineer: Electrical But Not Civil

Here's this week's puzzle:
Take the phrase "Receiving Line".  Rearrange these 13 letters to name a common profession.
Greetings from Cornwall.  The sound you hear is from our arteries hardening from all the Cornish clotted cream we've been eating.  Hey, if you gotta go, this is not a bad way to accomplish it.

Oh, and the answer?  In honor of my friend Mary, who is a civil engineer, the answer is uh, CIVIL ENGINEER.

Sorry this blog post is late -- I was worried that if I tried to post it on time delay something would get confused in the time shift and it would post far too late or, worse yet, too early.  But dinner ran long, and then we watched QI (funniest TV program ever; not available in the US more's the pity -- I swear there should be a channel on American cable TV for Awesomely Funny British Shows You'll Laugh At Even If You Can't Understand The Accents) and only now am I posting the answer.

We're on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall, staying at a wonderful hotel that lays on so much fantastic food and in such a pretty setting that we may see no more of Cornwall than this tiny stretch of south coast.  Eh, I don't care -- it just sets up the reason for another visit later on.

We're at the Carne Beach, clearly 1.25 miles away from this sign, which is in Veryan, the nearest village to here.  Portloe (pronounced Port-loo, which of course conjures up images of temporary toilets to the average American) is the next beach to the East, which means it's maybe two miles as the blackbird flies and 20 miles by roads.  (The sharp-eyed among you will immediately discern that it can't be 20 miles unless we're hopeless idiots with a map; in fact, it can't be more than 2.5 miles.)

Not on this sign is Tregony, where we had to go for some emergency health care.  No, nothing serious.  I'd left some prescription drugs at home, so I needed replacements.  I know that in the US, a pharmacist in the town I was visiting would have had to call my pharmacist and verified the prescription, etc., etc.  Well, here it works differently and a whole lot better.  I called the local surgery (i.e., doctor's office), got an appointment in Tregony that was within the hour, drove there, saw the doctor, explained the problem, got the pills (yup, they had them right there), paid £35.75 (about $53) and got back in time for tea.  (A "cream tea," featuring scones and clotted cream, referenced above.)

If it weren't that everything else is so expensive, I'd seriously consider moving here if (when?) America fails to reform health care.

Okay, that's it for me.

Here are our guesses for the number of entries:

Magdalen:  2,000 - 2,500
Ross:  2,500 - 3,000

Henry has 1,500 - 2,000 and Mendo Jim is letting it ride on 5,000+.

My blog post may be at an odd hour on Sunday because of our social commitments with Ross's family, but you'll get it eventually.  Till then!

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