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NYT Wednesday 3/10/10 - Cost Accountancy

Rough Tor
We have now reached the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall - as far south and west as we are going into England on this trip - and will stay here a few days before returning home by way of South Wales. It occurred to me when driving here that we're not only seeing those cruciverbal standbys rias on this trip, but tors as well. Cornwall has done crosswords proud with these innovations. And yes, we can confirm that Cornwall has moors (see discussion of 28-Across in the February 18 puzzle).

Today's New York Times crossword was fairly easy for a Wednesday: I thought I was going to solve the whole thing without working out what the answers had in common, but did see what was happening by means of 55a within cost. I had to consider this answer carefully, as the idiom isn't particularly familiar (doesn't seem to be a dictionary phrase, for example); it is, I'd have thought, more likely to refer to something costing less than estimated rather than reasonably priced per se.

Once I knew what this implied for the theme answers, I quickly double-checked the starts and finishes. The constructor did well to get six nice examples into the grid. This sort of idea - idiomatic phrase suggesting a pattern shown in the remaining theme answers - seems to come up regularly in NYT puzzles.
Solving time: 7 mins (solo, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 26a colorfast {Unable to run}

Gary Steinmehl
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]


Long answers start CO and end ST, indicated by 55a within cost {Reasonably priced ... or a hint to 17-, 19-, 26-, 34-, 42- and 51-Across}.
17a corner post {Key building support}
19a coast-to-coast {Across the entire United States}
26a colorfast {Unable to run}
34a come home to roost {Boomerang, in a way}
42a Condé Nast {Publisher of The New Yorker}
51a count against {Be disadvantageous to}
Crucimetrics [about Crucimetrics]
CompilersGary Steinmehl / Will Shortz
Grid15x15 with 40 (17.8%) black squares
Answers72 (average length 5.14)
Theme squares79 (42.7%)
Scrabble points260 (average 1.41)
Video of the Day

58a Lita {Ex-Runaways guitarist Ford}. Lita Ford is a British-born, American rock musician and singer who was the lead guitarist for The Runaways and achieved popularity for her solo career between the 1980s and late 2000s. The above song Lisa is a single from her 1990 album Stiletto and dedicated to her mother.

The Doctor is IN

1a Ike {President before Jack}. Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy.

1d ipecac {Drug for a poisoning victim}. Ipecac is well known emetic.

6d Merc {Chicago exchange, for short}. Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

9d J. Lo {Selena portrayer, familiarly};  J Lo played Selena Quintanilla-Pérez in the movie Selena.

10d ens {Minnesota twins?}. There are two ens (Ns) in Minnesota.

33d Ortega {Salsa brand}. Ortega is a Mexican food brand.

35d Otto {"Beetle Bailey" bulldog}. Otto is a Cruciverbal Canine.

46d Titans {Tennessee gridders}. The Tennessee Titans.

Image of the Day


21a aviso {Dispatch boat}. An aviso ("advice" in Spanish) is a kind of dispatch boat or advice boat, surviving particularly in the French navy. A dispatch boat is a small boat designed to carry messages from ship to ship or from ship to shore. French World War I avisos, used also during World War II, had displacement 300-700 tons, speed 13-20 knots, main armament usually of two 100 mm or 138 mm guns or four 100 mm guns. Bigger were colonial avisos Bougainville class, intended for overseas service, shown in the image above.

Other Clues

4a Tampa {City on a bay}; 9a Jeb {One of the Bushes}; 12a Pong {Early Atari offering}; 14a areas {Calculus calculations}; 15a ulna {Bone connected to the supinator muscle}; 16a este {90 degrees from sur}; 22a uttered {Put into words}; 30a more {Seconds, at dinner}; 31a a lie {"That's ___!"}; 32a top ten {Letterman list, e.g.}; 39a at ease {Order to relax}; 40a to a T {Perfectly}; 41a star {Marquee name}; 47a hosanna {Cry of praise}; 50a genii {Guardian spirits}; 59a oboe {___ d'amore (instrument)}; 60a cento {100, in Italy}; 61a seen {In the public eye}; 62a OMG! {"Horrors!," online}; 63a alias {Name registered at many an escort service}; 64a Srs. {Some homecoming float makers: Abbr.}.

2d Kosovo {Disputed Balkan territory}; 3d entail {Necessarily involve}; 4d tact {Skill not displayed by asking "Have you put on weight?"}; 5d -aroo {Suffix with buck}; 7d pan out {Prove successful}; 8d a seat {"Save me ___" (latecomer's request)}; 11d bat {Cricketer's need}; 13d gesso {Painter's undercoat}; 15d up-tempo {Musically bouncy}; 18d RST {String after Q}; 20d Torahs {Ark scrolls}; 23d roto- {Prefix with tiller}; 24d Eres {"___ Tu" (1974 hit)}; 25d dent {Make an impression on?}; 27d floe {Penguin's hangout}; 28d aim {Objective}; 29d see to {Get done}; 32d toad {Repulsive sort}; 34d cash {Word before cow or crop}; 36d meas. {Tsp. or tbsp.}; 37d earache {Malady treated with drops}; 38d ton {Whole lot}; 42d cancel {A.T.M. button}; 43d Neils {Simon and Diamond}; 44d Annie's {John Denver's "___ Song"}; 45d sister {Woman with vows}; 48d no I {"___ will not!"}; 49d nunca {Never, in Nogales}; 52d Toni {Literature Nobelist Morrison}; 53d Asta {Terrier in whodunits}; 54d GTOs {Classic Pontiac muscle cars}; 55d woo {Try to win}; 56d IBM {Big Blue}; 57d tog {Dress (up)}.


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