Sunday, April 11, 2010

NPR Puzzle 4/11/10 -- May I Tell You About Our Specials This Evening?

Here's this week's puzzle:
Name something you might order in a restaurant — two words, eight letters all together, with four letters in the first word and four letters in the last. Drop the last letter. The remaining seven letters will read backward and forward the same.
We tried to solve it the "old-fashioned" way (you know, with our heads?) but then cranked up the computer and ... well, come back on Thursday and we'll tell you what the answer is.

For inspiration, a restaurant table by the window, photographed by Dan Maudsley

For those of you who have solved it, what do you think -- easy or hard?  Lots of entries, or once again a number in the mid-three-digits?  Vote in the comments.

Last week, the number of entries was remarkably small -- 450, so Ross had the correct pick and thus no one gets the prize.  Remember, Ross and I don't get to pick until I do the Thursday post, so you always have until then to pick your choice for the number of entries Liane will announce next Sunday.  We figure that once I announce the answer, that rather affects the guessing, so we close the Guess The Entries Number voting as of that post.

Here are the divisions for this week:

Fewer than 100
100 - 200
200 - 300
300 - 400
400 - 500
500 - 600
600 - 700
700 - 800
800 - 900
900 - 1,000
1,000 - 1,100
1,100 - 1,200
1,200 - 1,300
1,300 - 1,400
1,400 - 1,500
1,500 - 2,000
2,000 - 2.500
2,500 - 3,000
3,000 - 3,500
3,500 - 4,000
4,000 - 4,500
4,500 - 5,000
More than 5,000
More than 5,000 and it sets a new record.


Tom said...

Wow, only 450 correct entries last week! I'll take the 600-700 bracket this week.

Mendo Jim said...

Gee, if I had just sent in 50 entries, I would have won the Jag. Actually, I only send in answers when I have a gripe.
Today's challenge is quite a bit easier than the last, assuming I have it right. It is pretty straightforward, but I wonder if it is safe to assume that no restaurant anywhere offers bird ribs or a mathematician's lunch of cold loci.
I think 2000 to 2500 folks will place this order.

henry.blancowhite said...

I also resorted to TEA, and it offered me RATE TART. Does anybody have the recipe?

I'll take 1,500 - 2,000.

Ben said...

I think this one isn't so hard. I'm in for 2500-3000.

Ben said...

I think this one isn't so hard. I'm in for 2500-3000.

-- Ben

Dave said...

I'm going with 900 to 1,000.

Natasha said...

Any clues for those with brain drain?

Amie Devero said...

I think this one's pretty easy (no tricks or tools needed)-- so I'll guess 1200-1300.

J said...

Not bad.

1300-1400, please.