Sunday, May 2, 2010

NPR Puzzle 5/2/10 - Not An Address the USPS Would Recognize!

Here's this week's puzzle:
Write down the number "100." Underneath it write "100/500." How the numbers align doesn't matter. What U.S. city does this represent? 
Ross solved this with about 80% brain power and 20% Wikipedia.  I don't think -- given everything that can be found on Wikipedia (which really has some hoarding issues, if you ask me) -- that's much of a hint.  But if it tells you something, enjoy!  (And does anyone else who listened to the radio have the same reaction that Ross and I did, namely that when Will Shortz says the puzzle is "easy," that is a highly suspect descriptor?)

Here is a photo taken from the city in question:

As usual, I'll attribute the photo on Thursday.  (And I guess this rules out some cities, but not enough that it's an absolute aid to solving.)

Incidentally, while I'm pretty sure
would not be enough for the United State Post Office to decipher, supposedly this address
was sufficient to get to the addressee.  Who did it go to and where?  (This is suitable for hints and suggestions in the comments, but if you know the answer, please limit yourself to gloating.)

Meanwhile, big news!  We have a winner from last week's Guess the Entries Game.  Liane announced fewer than 1100 entries, so our winner this week is Dave!!  Congratulations!  Dave, please email either Ross or Magdalen @ CrosswordMan dot com with your address and a book will be on its way to you very soon.

There you go, peeps -- we do actually let people win here.  So play again and see if you can win the cheesy exciting puzzle book we have as a prize!

In case you're new to this or missed last week's reminder:  You're guessing the range that you think includes the number Liane (or guest host) will announce next Sunday as how many entries they got.  You guess this based on how hard (or easy) you think the puzzle is.  Leave a comment with your guess; first come first served, so read existing comments before you guess.  We close the comments and guesses when we post the answer, after 3:00 p.m. on Thursday.

Here are the divisions:

Fewer than 100
100 - 200
200 - 300
300 - 400
400 - 500
500 - 600
600 - 700
700 - 800
800 - 900
900 - 1,000
1,000 - 1,100
1,100 - 1,200
1,200 - 1,300
1,300 - 1,400
1,400 - 1,500
1,500 - 2,000
2,000 - 2.500
2,500 - 3,000
3,000 - 3,500
3,500 - 4,000
4,000 - 4,500
4,500 - 5,000
More than 5,000
More than 5,000 and it sets a new record.


Ben said...

I'm in for 800-900 this time.

- Ben

Roxie said...

The Hill John Mass puzzle is really cute! I think it first appeared in the Ottawa Citizen. Who knew the Canadian's liked the American Postal system.

Dan said...

I am in for 1,000-1,100. I think I have it, if it is a dumb puzzle.

Dave said...

700-800. I have no idea about the answer, but I'll figure it out before Thursday.

Crossword Man said...

Hey, there's snow in that pict ... it could be Miami!

Nanea said...

I'm in for 900-1000!

Anonymous said...

Don't understand pix. In the city my wife and I came up with, the only melting ice the residents would see would be in their pina coladas and margaritas while lounging around their pools. Sure you got the right answer? Curious with what you cameup with.

Roxie said...

Dan came up with a viable answer, but we're not sure it's correct...
I'm pretty stumped - the answer is either truly easy or completely eluding me.
Anyways, I'll take the 600 - 700 slot :-)

DaveJ said...

Please put me down for 400-500.
I think Will might have been somewhat disingenuous when he said this was easy. I'm guessing the 100/500 relates to some ordinal system but I have no clue what it might be and have been unable to establish anything from first principles. I'm impressed that Ross was able to figure it out !

Jordan said...

I guess I'll take the 500-600 slot. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

What city has a very well known car race coming up in a few weeks? The same city celebrates the 100th running of this race this year....

Magdalen said...

Anonymous -- Two things. That famous car race will celebrate its centenary in 2011. But there have only been 93 runnings so far, and this year will be the 94th.

All of which is fascinating . . . but no, that's not the answer we got. And we *think* we got it right. (But then we would, wouldn't we?)

Zack said...

I'll take 400-500, and let me ask, would John Hill Mass still be deliverable if it wasn't centered?

Dave said...

Zack, no it wouldn't be deliverable if it wasn't centered.

Tom said...

I certainly don't think that this weeks puzzle was a easy as Will suggested. I'm late with my entry this week, put me down for the 300 - 400 tranche please.

Natasha said...

I select 1100-1200. Thanks

Mendo Dummy said...

Boy, there sure are a lot of folks that have gotten this "easy" challenge. It does seem, however, that the answers aren't all the same.
I have several myself! ;=)
It is so confusing that members of our little group are taking the same slice of the response pie.
To give myself a double groan (once when I hear the answer and once when I hear the total) I'll take 200-300 if it is really open and come back if I ever come up with something satisfying.

Dave said...

Any hints? I'm still stumped.

Magdalen said...

Dave -- It's hard to hint without giving it away. Here's what I would suggest. If you haven't "solved" the
puzzle, go online and see how it works. Then apply the same logic to the NPR puzzle.

I hope that helps without being too helpful.

Magdalen said...

Zack -- Scroll up & you'll see that DaveJ has already picked 400-500. D'you want something else?

Dave said...

Magdalen, I got the Hill John Mass, but for some reason, I'm having a very hard time with Will's puzzle.

Marie said...

Finally got it.
I'll take 1200-1300.

Mendo Jim (nee Dummy) said...

Ahh! Though it had me stumped for longer than I like, it's not a bad one after all. Certainly not a rare geographical name.

Amie Devero said...

This one has me completely stumped. So --it's Thursday--give it up. What's the answer?

Natasha said...

For a great clue read the puzzle very carefully.

Tom said...

Amie - The answer that I came up with was Concord (C-on-C-or-D).

Amie Devero said...

Nice. Thanks Tom.