Saturday, August 21, 2010

NYT Saturday 8/21/10 Barry C. Silk - Solution

Here is the solution for the New York Times crossword puzzle dated Saturday August 21, 2010. This is an abbreviated post, as I am currently in holiday mode while family visit from the UK. Full commentaries will resume on August 22.
Solving time: 30 mins (solo, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 24d jest {What ribs are delivered in}

Barry C. Silk
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]

Crucimetrics [about Crucimetrics]
CompilersBarry C. Silk / Will Shortz
Grid15x15 with 30 (13.3%) black squares
Answers72 (average length 5.42)
Theme squares0 (0.0%)
Scrabble points363 (average 1.86)

1a optical {Kind of mouse}; 8a unquote {Indicator that you're back to your own words}; 15a far-gone {Nearly shot}; 16a putt out {Sew up a hole?}; 17a freezing drizzle {Winter weather hazard}; 19a bastes {Dresses down ... or butters up?}; 20a rasp {Scratch}; 21a Isr. {Maccabiah Games setting: Abbr.}; 22a Aspin {Defense secretary after Cheney}; 23a tote {Backpack alternative}; 24a jean {Jacket material}; 25a skat {Game with trumps}; 26a true {See 27-Down}; 27a Verne {"Five Weeks in a Balloon" author}; 28a Eis {Surface for the Olympische Winterspiele}; 29a HUAC {Antisubversive grp. of old}; 30a yes! {Jubilant cry}; 31a search party {Group that may be hounded?}; 35a din {Headache cause}; 36a Orly {Hub for Air Caraïbes Atlantique}; 37a mow {Do some course work}; 40a order {Primates vis-à-vis humans}; 43a Smee {Barrie's "oddly genial man"}; 44a can I {Tot's plea}; 45a jeer {Stand-up comic's fear}; 46a play {Latitude}; 47a cased {Like some joints}; 48a -ish {Suffix with cartoon}; 49a Auer {"Rhapsodie Hongroise" composer}; 50a non-use {Cobwebs may be a sign of it}; 51a B-complex vitamin {Part of many a daily supplement}; 54a warmest {Like the midafternoon hours, typically}; 55a in a daze {Foggy}; 56a annexes {Takes over}; 57a menaced {Waved a knife at, maybe}.

1d off base {Wrong}; 2d para-ski {Go down a slope with a chute}; 3d trespass {Do wrong}; 4d I get it {"Save the explanation"}; 5d cozen {Flimflam}; 6d anis {French cordial flavoring}; 7d Len {Perfect-game pitcher Barker}; 8d update {Many a software download}; 9d nurse {An operator may call on one}; 10d Q-Tip {Stick in a cabinet}; 11d Utz {Snack food brand}; 12d oozier {More like the Blob}; 13d Tulsan {Certain Tornado Alley resident}; 14d eterne {Ageless, ages ago}; 18d Groucho Marx {He said "I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury"}; 23d Trac {Star ___ (big name in exercise machines)}; 24d jest {What ribs are delivered in}; 26d turn {Go time in a game}; 27d very {With 26-Across, "Amen!"}; 29d hair {Bit of evidence for a sleuth}; 30d Yale {Ivy with deep roots}; 32d Eder {Fulda feeder}; 33d prey {Food chain part}; 34d Yma Sumac {Princess Najla player in Broadway's "Flahooley"}; 38d one size {Endlessly adjustable, as clothing}; 39d widened {Diversified}; 40d Ojibwa {Native of the Lake Superior region}; 41d rescan {Checkout correction}; 42d dehorn {Render harmless, in a way}; 43d sleets {Falls like 17-Across}; 44d Canada {Where Family Day is observed}; 46d pulse {Good thing for a medic to find}; 47d cotan {Trig ratio}; 49d apex {Mountaineer's goal}; 50d nine {Complement of Dante's circles of hell}; 52d Mme. {Title of Dickens's Defarge: Abbr.}; 53d vim {Punch}.

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