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NYT Sunday 8/15/10 Daniel C. Bryant - Solution

Here is the solution for the New York Times crossword puzzle dated Sunday August 15, 2010. This is an abbreviated post, as I am currently in holiday mode while family visit from the UK. Full commentaries will  resume on August 22.
However, I must quickly mention Lollapuzzoola 3: I had a great time yesterday competing at this burgeoning crossword tournament and meeting lots of crossword folks. Many thanks to Ryan and Brian for such a great day. I aim to write a separate blog post on the event in due course.
Solving time: 35 mins (with Magdalen, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 6a M*A*S*H {Sitcom with three stars}

Daniel C. Bryant
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]


"Is There An Echo In Here?". The sound of the last word of a phrase is duplicated, making a pun.
23a may it ever be soso {Underachiever's motto?} cf may it ever be so
43a Mediterranean si si {Majorcan affirmation?} cf Mediterranean Sea
67a licensing Fifi {Registering a poodle?} cf licensing fee
92a the man with the Ho Ho {Guy holding a Hostess snack cake?} cf The Man With the Hoe
113a don't tread on Mimi {Words of caution from Rodolfo?} cf Don't Tread on Me
16d table for Tutu {Reservation at a Johannesburg restaurant?} cf table for two
60d rent or bye-bye {Landlord's ultimatum?} cf rent or buy

Crucimetrics [about Crucimetrics]
CompilersDaniel C. Bryant / Will Shortz
Grid21x21 with 68 (15.4%) black squares
Answers140 (average length 5.33)
Theme squares101 (27.1%)
Scrabble points560 (average 1.50)
Other Clues

1a Gogol {Writer of the short story "The Overcoat"}; 6a M*A*S*H {Sitcom with three stars}; 10a sane {Compos mentis}; 14a Srtas. {Some Latinas: Abbr.}; 19a Adano {Hersey novel setting}; 20a trio {Cream, e.g.}; 21a dear {Angel}; 22a pears {Parts of many a still life}; 26a ICBMs {SALT topic}; 27a Pnin {Vladimir Nabokov novel}; 28a neon {It's noble}; 29a las {Sol mates?}; 30a nolos {Some court pleas, for short}; 31a Isr. {U.N.-created land: Abbr.}; 33a spas {Places where masseurs massage}; 35a toil {Trouble's partner}; 37a udders {Milk containers}; 38a at issue {Being debated}; 41a Irma {"The Mystery of ___ Vep," 1990s Off Broadway play}; 42a G-clef {E is its lowest note}; 47a osa {She-bear: Sp.}; 50a sweep {7-0 record, e.g.}; 51a mitten {Something for a kid to keep on hand?}; 52a Madeiras {Portuguese wines}; 54a namable {Worthy of mention}; 56a pun {"The lowest form of humor," per Samuel Johnson}; 57a ROTCs {Grps. that know the drill?}; 58a maraud {Roam and raid}; 61a unlearnt {Not yet acquired, as knowledge}; 65a cure {___-all}; 66a -ote {Inhabitant: Suffix}; 71a Tut {Steve Martin's "boy king"}; 72a bond {What atoms do}; 74a Vincente {Liza Minnelli's father}; 75a albums {Contents of sleeves}; 77a intel. {N.S.A. concern, for short}; 79a nth {Ultimate}; 80a rassler {Hulk Hogan or Andre the Giant, slangily}; 83a Leonardo {"Vitruvian Man" artist}; 85a stance {Part of batting instruction}; 87a Nance {"Twin Peaks" actor Jack}; 91a err {Misspeak, e.g.}; 95a Brier {Canadian curling championship, with "the"}; 97a soon {Procrastinator's response}; 98a base ten {Decimal system}; 99a day one {The beginning}; 101a Cobb {Dom ___, "Inception" hero}; 102a Phys {___ Ed}; 104a QRS {Letter run}; 105a I-beam {Skyscraper support}; 106a UHF {300 to 3,000 MHz range}; 107a idée {___ fixe}; 109a Tabu {Popular fragrance}; 112a cobra {Slithering menace}; 118a try as {"___ I might ..."}; 119a or on {"___ Diana's altar to protest": Shak.}; 120a orts {Dinner crumbs}; 121a Tatar {Certain Central Asian}; 122a stets {Puts back in}; 123a Newt {Politico Gingrich}; 124a psst {[Over here!]}; 125a eject {Bounce}.

1d gam {Group of whales}; 2d oda {Harem room}; 3d gay pride {Annual parade subject}; 4d on in {"Go ___!"}; 5d Loti {Fin de siècle writer Pierre ___}; 6d MTV {V.J.'s employer}; 7d Arena {The "A" of sports' A.F.L.}; 8d sires {Begets}; 9d hobo {Red Skelton persona}; 10d SDS {Organizer of many a sit-in: Abbr.}; 11d aeolian {Windblown}; 12d nasal {Like Bob Dylan's voice}; 13d Eros {Opposite of Thanatos, to Freud}; 14d spindlier {More thin and frail}; 15d recode {Modify, as software}; 17d armor {Mail}; 18d sssss {112-Across sound}; 24d ensue {Follow}; 25d entrée {Hors d'oeuvre follower}; 31d Iams {Pet food company since 1946}; 32d stew {Worry}; 34d Perma {Constant, in product names}; 36d Oman {"Toe" of the Arabian Peninsula}; 37d UCSD {Coll. in La Jolla}; 39d Siena {Tuscan town, home of the painter Duccio}; 40d St Paul {Biblical correspondent}; 41d intense {Very emotional}; 42d Gianni {Designer Versace}; 44d rib {Gently roast ... or something that's roasted}; 45d at lunch {Out of the office, perhaps}; 46d Smurf {Blue pixie}; 48d sacrum {Hipbone attachment}; 49d assets {Ledger list}; 53d IOC {Sports org. since 1894}; 55d MDIV {Year Columbus returned from his final voyage to the New World}; 56d pageant {Something that's "Miss" titled?}; 58d Mobile {Where the driver is driving Miss Daisy}; 59d atoner {Sorry soul?}; 62d Lin {Sculptor Maya}; 63d entrain {Board, in a way}; 64d T-Fal {Purveyor of nonstick cookware}; 68d cinder {Bit of air pollution}; 69d entom. {Div. of biology}; 70d Ilenes {Actresses Kristen and Graff}; 73d den {Locale for a trophy display}; 76d Brahe {Astronomer Tycho ___}; 78d Latin mass {Traditional church celebration}; 81d sch. {Univ., e.g.}; 82d set by {Held in reserve}; 84d Rhee {First president of South Korea}; 85d snob {Supercilious sort}; 86d two-bit {Nearly worthless}; 88d not quite {Almost}; 89d Cher {What's expensive in Paris?}; 90d eons {Time on end}; 93d as of now {Currently}; 94d has to {Must}; 96d roar at {Try to scare off, in a way}; 99d dicts. {Library shelfful: Abbr.}; 100d abort {End early}; 101d chore {Work that's no fun}; 102d peers {Jury members}; 103d heats {Track meet events}; 106d udon {Japanese noodle}; 108d drop {Sell-off, say}; 110d ante {Play money?}; 111d B maj. {Key with five sharps: Abbr.}; 114d TNT {It has a blast}; 115d DST {Mar. weekend shortener}; 116d mac {___ and cheese}; 117d IRT {Operator of the original N.Y.C. subway}.

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