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NYT Sunday 8/22/10 Patrick Berry - Solution

Here is the solution for the New York Times crossword puzzle dated Sunday August 22, 2010. This is an abbreviated post, as I am currently in holiday mode while family visit from the UK. Full commentaries will resume tomorrow.
Solving time: 25 mins (with Henry, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 67d burps {Consumer reports?}

Patrick Berry
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]


"Film No-r". An R is dropped from a film title, making a pun.
19a Aging Bull {Film about a corrida participant put to pasture?} cf Raging Bull
23a The Gumball Ally {... a candy-sharing confederate?} cf The Gumball Rally
28a Petty Woman {... a small-minded lady?} cf Pretty Woman
44a A Thousand Aces {... an embarrassingly one-sided tennis match?} cf A Thousand Acres
67a Bedknobs and Boomsticks {... decorative furniture elements being blown off with dynamite?} cf Bedknobs and Broomsticks
93a My Fiend Flicka {... a demonic horse?} cf My Friend Flicka
112a Olive Twist {... drink garnishes?} cf Oliver Twist
121a Mulholland Dive {... a seedy Hollywood bar?} cf Mulholland Drive
126a Fist Blood {... skinned knuckles?} cf First Blood
Crucimetrics [about Crucimetrics]
CompilersPatrick Berry / Will Shortz
Grid21x21 with 70 (15.9%) black squares
Answers140 (average length 5.30)
Theme squares113 (30.5%)
Scrabble points571 (average 1.54)
Other Clues

1a Papa {"Come to ___!"}; 5a irae {Of wrath, in a Latin hymn}; 9a adds {Throws in}; 13a Handel {"La Resurrezione" composer}; 21a Doom {Mount ___ (volcano in Mordor)}; 22a overly {Too}; 25a Lorain {Lake Erie city west of Cleveland}; 26a sadly {As bad luck would have it}; 27a brio {Vivacity}; 30a Pesci {"Casino" actor Joe}; 32a Seth {TV producer MacFarlane}; 34a He's {1942 Harry James hit "___ My Guy"}; 35a lane {Bowler's assignment}; 36a Otis {___ Day & the Knights (band in "Animal House")}; 38a ash {The mythical tree Yggdrasil, for one}; 40a sei {Finback whale}; 41a relic {Museum piece}; 43a lop {Cut off}; 48a RCA {David Sarnoff's company}; 51a Arendt {Political theorist Hannah}; 53a Che {"Evita" narrator}; 54a I've {The Beatles' "___ Got a Feeling"}; 55a arias {Some solos}; 57a fireman {One who keeps things from going up?}; 59a fractal {Geometric shape whose perimeter has infinite length}; 62a Titus {The Colosseum was completed during his reign}; 63a cilia {Paramecium's propellers}; 65a Natl. {Part of N.F.L.: Abbr.}; 66a vile {Base}; 75a unit {Army division}; 76a slur {"Lying thief," e.g.}; 77a Notre {___ Dame}; 78a Rosie {Actress Perez}; 80a gibbers {Speaks nonsense}; 83a diarist {Record keeper}; 87a plies {Practices, as a trade}; 88a use {Helpfulness}; 89a eat {Lunch, e.g.}; 91a Clancy {"Rainbow Six" author}; 92a San {California city name starter}; 98a gap {Continuity problem}; 99a Cleef {Western star Lee Van ___}; 101a eye {Center of a daisy, e.g.}; 102a cue {Shuffleboard stick}; 103a Nemo {Pixar title character}; 104a tale {Recitation by Scheherazade}; 106a was {"Time ___ ..."}; 108a terr. {Yukon, e.g.: Abbr.}; 110a tries {Makes an effort}; 115a toil {Work like a dog}; 117a metal {Rhenium or rhodium}; 120a tin ear {Inability to appreciate music}; 124a averse {Antipathetic}; 125a Oreo {___ Cakesters (Nabisco offering)}; 127a lessee {Tenant}; 128a nest {Home in the sticks?}; 129a sash {Weather-stripped item}; 130a Enna {Sicilian province}.

1d pats {Gentle touches}; 2d agha {Turkish title}; 3d pied piper {One whose music is easy to follow?}; 4d angles {What intersecting lines create}; 5d IBM {Maker of the Roadrunner supercomputer}; 6d rubbish {"What nonsense!"}; 7d alar {Wing-shaped}; 8d Ellis {Novelist Bret Easton ___}; 9d Ada {1969 literary heroine who says "I like the words damozel, eglantine, elegant. I love when you kiss my elongated white hand"}; 10d dolphin {Intelligent swimmer}; 11d Dole {Founder of an Oahu plantation}; 12d Smyth {Tommy of ESPN}; 13d Holy See {Papal office}; 14d avow {Acknowledge}; 15d neroli {___ oil (perfumery ingredient)}; 16d drama critic {Bomb detector?}; 17d Elián {Name in 2000 newspapers}; 18d Lynne {Country singer Shelby}; 20d guys {Fellas}; 24d Loesser {"Baby, It's Cold Outside" composer}; 29d Tercel {Bygone Toyota}; 31d cattalo {Hybrid farm animal}; 33d tea {Afternoon meal, across the pond}; 36d Olaf {Count ___ (2004 Jim Carrey role)}; 37d Tori {Singer/songwriter Amos}; 39d hoc {Ad ___}; 42d LSAT {Exam for would-be attys.}; 44d admin. {Univ. overseers}; 45d UHF {Part of a TV dial}; 46d ditto {"What he said"}; 47d Avalon {Where Excalibur was forged}; 49d caulk {Make watertight}; 50d asses {Beasts of burden}; 52d necktie {Upscale restaurant requirement, maybe}; 56d Riviera {"To Catch a Thief" setting}; 58d nib {Sharpie tip}; 60d André {Author Malraux}; 61d cab {Flagged vehicle}; 64d Assisi {St. Clare's home}; 67d burps {Consumer reports?}; 68d Enola {___ Gay}; 69d disinclines {Renders reluctant}; 70d Albee {"The Sandbox" playwright}; 71d nub {Central point}; 72d mod {Hip 1960s teen}; 73d sticker {"New and Improved!" might appear on one}; 74d tra-la {Song syllables}; 79d Esme {Carlisle Cullen's wife in "Twilight"}; 80d guffaw {Boisterous laugh}; 81d refer to {Mention}; 82d sal {___ volatile}; 84d ingestion {Swallowing of food, e.g.}; 85d scam {Hustle}; 86d typo {Paper slip?}; 90d tic {Personal quirk}; 94d yew-tree {English churchyard sight}; 95d nettles {Plants with stinging hairs}; 96d dye {Indian mulberry product}; 97d cutlass {Sailor's sword}; 100d levers {Hand brakes, e.g.}; 103d needle {Conifer leaf}; 104d total {Unqualified}; 105d alive {Registering a pulse}; 107d Simon {Electronic game fad of the 1980s}; 109d Rolfs {Gives deep massage therapy}; 111d IMDB {Web site for cinephiles}; 113d ease {What lotus-eaters enjoy}; 114d sure! {"I'd be glad to!"}; 116d Ilia {Russian figure skater Kulik}; 118d Avon {Major publisher of romance novels}; 119d Leda {Helen of Troy's mother}; 122d hot {Wanting to be near one's fans?}; 123d nth {Last in a series}.

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