Monday, August 16, 2010

NYT Tuesday 8/17/10 Michael Sharp - Solution

Here is the solution for the New York Times crossword puzzle dated Tuesday August 17, 2010. This is an abbreviated post, as I am currently in holiday mode while family visit from the UK. Full commentaries will resume on August 22.
Solving time: 9 mins (solo, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 16a obi {It's a cinch, in Sapporo}

Michael Sharp
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]


Phrases with the initials 37a S.O.S. {"Help!"... and a hint to 17-, 27-, 42- and 53-Across}.
17a sawed-off shotgun {Weapon for Clyde Barrow}
27a slip-on shoes {Loafers, e.g.}
42a same old song {Tired routine, colloquially}
53a Sounds of Silence {1966 album that concludes with "I Am a Rock"}

Crucimetrics [about Crucimetrics]
CompilersMichael Sharp / Will Shortz
Grid15x15 with 32 (14.2%) black squares
Answers74 (average length 5.22)
Theme squares55 (28.5%)
Scrabble points304 (average 1.58)
Other Clues

1a galops {Some Strauss compositions}; 7a sass {Lip}; 11a yam {Thanksgiving side dish}; 14a I do not {Defensive statement}; 15a ouch! {"That hurt!"}; 16a obi {It's a cinch, in Sapporo}; 20a Acura {Japanese luxury auto}; 21a wraith {Specter}; 22a It's Late {1959 top 10 hit for Ricky Nelson}; 25a bier {Funeral stand}; 26a nil {Zero}; 32a realty {Landed property}; 34a Ron {Politico Paul}; 35a erat {"In principio ___ Verbum" (words from John 1:1)}; 36a Arles {Van Gogh's "Bedroom in ___"}; 38a hedge {Give a noncommittal answer}; 39a grot {Small cave, poetically}; 40a fad {Beanie Babies, once}; 41a oo-la-la! {"How fa-a-ancy!"}; 45a IED {Weapon for Iraqi insurgents: Abbr.}; 46a Muir {Conservationist on the California commemorative quarter}; 47a decants {Pours, as wine}; 49a excite {Electrify}; 52a remap {Chart again}; 58a PXs {Stores for 1-Down}; 59a ibid. {Footnote abbr.}; 60a llamas {South American camelids}; 61a nos {Turndowns}; 62a dyes {They make the highlights in highlights}; 63a Eskimo {Igloo dweller}.

1d GIs {Dogfaces}; 2d ADA {Org. on a toothpaste box}; 3d low {Melancholy}; 4d O'Neal {7'1" 1993 N.B.A. Rookie of the Year}; 5d podcasts {Some iTunes downloads}; 6d stoutly {With resolve}; 7d sofa {Cushioned seat}; 8d Aus. {Neighbor of Ger.}; 9d Schwinn {Bicycle maker since 1895}; 10d shores {Coasts}; 11d Yogi {___ Bear}; 12d abut {Touch}; 13d Minh {Ho Chi ___ City}; 18d frei {Independent, in Ingolstadt}; 19d Tar Heel {North Carolina athlete}; 22d in rags {Like a street urchin, typically}; 23d Tierra {___ del Fuego}; 24d slalom {Zig and zag, in skiing}; 25d boos {They might follow bad calls}; 28d prods {Urges on}; 29d ordain {Establish by decree}; 30d eaglet {Hatchling in an aerie}; 31d steads {Places}; 33d Let 'Em In {1976 hit that begins "Someone's knockin' at the door"}; 37d Sadr {Iraq's ___ City}; 38d hog calls {Noises from a county fair contest}; 40d flies by {Passes quickly}; 41d one mile {Distance between posts on a highway, maybe}; 43d outdid {Surpassed}; 44d odes {Some works for heroes}; 48d apeak {Vertically, to a sailor}; 49d ESPN {"Baseball Tonight" airer}; 50d XOXO {Letters in love letters}; 51d cuss {Ornery sort}; 52d RFDs {Country mail rtes.}; 54d oie {Confit d'___ (potted goose)}; 55d NMI {It indicates a void in some govt. records}; 56d cam {Ending with spy or sky}; 57d eso {That: Sp.}.


Rex Parker said...

Please note that I (accidentally, I swear!) stole the "Clue of the Puzzle" from Bob Klahn. I wrote the clue and then submitted the puzzle and *then* had this eerie feeling that I'd heard the clue before. Turns out Bob Klahn had [It's a cinch, in Japan] at some point. At least my brain was good enough to add the alliteration, making the clue at least a *tiny* bit original.

Crossword Man said...

Thanks for the info. I feel that such a lovely bit of misdirection for such a common answer is liable to be discovered and re-discovered over the years. Nice puzzle - sorry it coincided with my furlough this week!

Tobias said...

Good lord , Rex has his big debut and you are on vacation ? I come to the comments section the next day and there are only two comments, one is you the other is Rex ?
How the hell am I to maintain my image of you guys as untouchable crossword megastars ???

Tobias Duncan

Crossword Man said...

Sorry to let you down GRRRRRR ... but if you want to sink your rotty teeth into Rex's puzzle, go right ahead in a comment :-)

Tobias said...

I already emasculated him in his own comment section , I doubt he could take a second taunting...

Thanks for the invite though !