Friday, September 3, 2010

NYT Saturday 9/4/10 Mark Diehl - Solution

Here is the solution for the New York Times crossword puzzle dated Saturday September 4, 2010. This is an abbreviated post, as I am traveling and in holiday mode. Full commentaries will resume in a few days.
Solving time: 20 mins (solo, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 30d tepee {Hides on a frame}

Mark Diehl
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]

Crucimetrics [about Crucimetrics]
CompilersMark Diehl / Will Shortz
Grid15x15 with 26 (11.6%) black squares
Answers70 (average length 5.69)
Theme squares0 (0.0%)
Scrabble points326 (average 1.64)
1a bait buckets {Fishing gear}; 12a SAG {Hollywood acronym}; 15a Elsie the Cow {Company mascot introduced in the 1930s that has never been put out to pasture}; 16a ELO {Group with the '79 double-platinum album "Discovery"}; 17a glamour pose {Stance in a fashion magazine}; 18a 'til {Up to, informally}; 19a soy {___ milk}; 20a writ {Bench warrant, e.g.}; 21a see off {Walk to the gate, perhaps}; 23a runs {Baseball stat}; 24a wept for {Lamented}; 25a bagels {Zeros, in sports slang}; 28a wiseacre {One who's smart?}; 29a on-off {Switch positions}; 30a Tania {"Lost" actress Raymonde}; 31a Les {Liszt's "___ Préludes"}; 32a neos {Hardly traditionalists}; 33a Seven {___ Sisters (daughters of Atlas)}; 34a sumo {Popular spectator sport that's not in the Olympics}; 35a USD {Money market currency abbr.}; 36a biped {The Abominable Snowman, for one}; 37a debar {Block}; 38a stroller {Babe-in-arms alternative?}; 40a Doesn't {"___ Really Matter" (Janet Jackson song)}; 41a The Duke {John Wayne}; 42a dink {It's hardly a smash hit}; 43a reader {Kindle, say}; 44a weak {Impotent}; 45a Pfc. {E-2 Marine}; 48a ass {Utter doofus}; 49a for all I care {Apathetic person's words}; 52a CIO {John L. Lewis was its first pres.}; 53a IBM ThinkPad {Laptop tested aboard the Endeavour}; 54a Kan. {Home of Smallville: Abbr.}; 55a nesting site {Swift retreat?}.

1d begs {Adjures}; 2d 'allo {Gallic greeting}; 3d I say! {"Well!"}; 4d Tim {Title guy in an animated HBO sitcom}; 5d Beowulf {Aid to King Hrothgar, in literature}; 6d U-turns {Some driving school practice}; 7d Chris {Rock on a stage}; 8d kept {Didn't go stale}; 9d eco- {Friendly intro?}; 10d tosses in {Adds}; 11d Swee'Pea {Comic strip adoptee}; 12d set of clubs {Course load?}; 13d Ali-Foreman {Like the 1974 rope-a-dope fight}; 14d golf resort {Kiawah Island, for one}; 22d eta {Hellenic character}; 23d refs {Calls}; 24d wined {Got into port}; 25d bonus track {Incentive to buy a CD, maybe}; 26d anesthesia {Number of folks?}; 27d good reason {Excuse}; 28d waver {Sing vibrato, say}; 30d tepee {Hides on a frame}; 33d silk robe {Luxurious wrap}; 34d seek {Grope for}; 36d bluefin {Tekka-maki sushi source}; 37d Don King {Promoter of the 13-Down fight}; 39d odd {"How ___ ..."}; 40d dial in {Phone headquarters}; 42d Delhi {City of 15+ million whose busiest street is Chandni Chowk}; 44d Watt {Steam engine pioneer}; 45d Papi {Parental term of endearment, in Spain}; 46d frat {Frequent party planner, for short}; 47d cede {Opt to drop}; 50d rms. {Hosp. units}; 51d cks. {Contents of some books: Abbr.}.

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