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NYT Sunday 9/5/10 Will Nediger - Solution

Here is the solution for the New York Times crossword puzzle dated Sunday September 5, 2010. This is an abbreviated post, as I am traveling and in holiday mode. Full commentaries will resume in a few days.
Solving time: 18 mins (with Henry, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 66d holster {Piece keeper?}

Will Nediger
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]


"Turning Back". The last (back) part of a phrase is reversed, making a pun.
23a measuring snoops {Taking the dimensions of busybodies?} cf measuring spoons
42a out of the pool {Done swimming?} cf out of the loop
45a prize slip-up {Giving an award to the wrong person?} cf prize pupils
70a turkey tort {Slandering a Thanksgiving dish?} cf turkey trot
74a living moor {Othello, before Act V, Scene II?} cf living-room
99a Cosmo remark {Comment in a women's mag?} cf Cosmo Kramer
101a Indiana recap {Summary of "Raiders of the Lost Ark"?} cf Indiana Pacer
123a love me, love my god {Pious spouse's ultimatum?} cf love me, love my dog
Crucimetrics [about Crucimetrics]
CompilersWill Nediger / Will Shortz
Grid21x21 with 67 (15.2%) black squares
Answers142 (average length 5.27)
Theme squares96 (25.7%)
Scrabble points609 (average 1.63)
Other Clues

1a calc {Math class, for short}; 5a MCAT {Future doc's exam}; 9a Geico {Its slogan begins "15 minutes could save you ..."}; 14a at par {How stocks may be sold}; 19a Oreo {Snack with a floral design}; 20a Argo {Ship written about by Apollonius of Rhodes}; 21a Oxfam {International relief org.}; 22a chose {Went for}; 26a hem in {Encircle}; 27a Part B {Medicare add-on}; 28a so-so {Fair}; 29a crake {Short-billed rail}; 31a peat {Starting material in coal formation}; 32a aunts {Some wedding guests}; 34a JPEG {Image format}; 36a St Olga {Her feast day is Jul. 11}; 38a Stan {Eminem song that samples Dido's "Thank You"}; 41a oat {___ germ}; 48a Tiranë {Capital of Albania}; 49a aerate {Freshen, in a way}; 50a coral {Lipstick hue}; 52a curd {Tofu base}; 53a tot {Add (up)}; 56a Taj {Indian guy in National Lampoon's "Van Wilder" movies}; 57a age {Get on}; 59a intuit {Sense}; 61a Pisano {Italian sculptor Nicola}; 63a sox {Follower of White or Red}; 65a aah! {"That feels good!"}; 67a El Cid {Wielder of the sword Tizona}; 69a nicer {More likely to get gifts from Santa}; 76a Arden {"Enoch ___," Tennyson poem}; 77a sloes {Plum relatives}; 79a ere {Palindromic preposition}; 80a SSR {Map abbr. before 1991}; 81a beasts {Many Maurice Sendak characters}; 83a steppe {Kazakh land feature}; 86a tun {Large cask}; 88a AMA {Professional org. with a House of Delegates}; 90a urn {It has a big mouth but can't speak}; 91a rift {Friendship ender}; 93a Myrna {Loy of "The Thin Man"}; 95a tailor {Custom-make}; 97a pended {Awaited judgment}; 105a in A {Like Beethoven's "Kreutzer" Sonata}; 106a ides {January 13, e.g.}; 107a to date {So far}; 108a Lima {Site of the oldest university in South America}; 109a welds {Joins}; 111a Sirs {Letter opener}; 112a rabid {Fervent}; 115a Nero {Character in "I, Claudius"}; 117a Asada {Carne ___ (roasted meat dish)}; 121a Edith {Marion's "La Vie en Rose" character}; 126a levee {Bank manager?}; 127a Azera {Hyundai sedan}; 128a knew {Had a hunch}; 129a ouzo {Drink in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"}; 130a faery {Wand waver, old-style}; 131a Norse {Like Ymir}; 132a ogre {Ymir, for one}; 133a ueys {One-eighties}.

1d comp {Give for free}; 2d area {Word with gray or rest}; 3d Lear {The Duke of Albany's father-in-law}; 4d Costanza {Surname of TV's George, Frank and Estelle}; 5d mar {Disfigure}; 6d Cristal {Champagne often mentioned in hip-hop songs}; 7d agnostic {Undecided, in a way}; 8d togs {Getup}; 9d -gon {Suffix for shapes}; 10d Exocet {Antiship missile used in the Falklands War}; 11d I forgot {"It slipped my mind"}; 12d capa {Cloak, in Córdoba}; 13d Omsk {Siberian city}; 14d ach! {"Mein Gott!"}; 15d the Pope {Wearer of a famous ring}; 16d pomelo {Fruit with a thick rind}; 17d asiago {Crumbly cheese}; 18d rental {Netflix movie}; 24d Ubu {"___ Roi" (Alfred Jarry play)}; 25d sojourn {Brief stay}; 30d E sharp {F equivalent}; 33d nosegay {Bouquet of flowers}; 35d pupate {Metamorphose, as a larva}; 37d tending {Keeping an eye on}; 38d spat {It may cause a scene}; 39d treasurer {One who keeps one's balance?}; 40d Air Jordan {Sneaker with a Jumpman logo}; 43d fictive {Made-up}; 44d Tru {Hit 1989 biographical play}; 46d eta {Z follower}; 47d poi {Samoan dish}; 51d lull {Put to sleep}; 53d taco salad {Dish with greens and ground beef}; 54d one or more {A nonzero amount}; 55d torr {Unit of pressure}; 58d eats {Grub}; 60d ici {"___ on parle français"}; 62d Sims {Family of games}; 64d XK-Es {Classic Jags}; 66d holster {Piece keeper?}; 68d dirt {Reputation ruiner}; 70d tabu {Brand advertised as "the forbidden fragrance"}; 71d entreat {Beseech}; 72d rot {Go to waste}; 73d teem {Overflow}; 75d neutral {Gray, e.g.}; 78d spy cam {Cuckold's purchase, perhaps}; 82d sinner {Confessional user}; 84d propane {Charcoal alternative}; 85d ens {One-point Scrabble tiles}; 87d nae {"Me, ___ cheerful twinkle lights me": Robert Burns}; 89d arks {Torah holders}; 92d FDA {Agcy. that may order recalls}; 94d am I wrong? {"Is it not so?"}; 96d I miss you {Sweetheart's telephone comment}; 97d piaster {Egyptian coin}; 98d deliver {Rescue}; 100d one over {Bogey}; 101d itself {"... is fear ___"}; 102d no idea {"Search me"}; 103d D drive {Certain PC storage area}; 104d ciders {Apple products}; 110d dam {Roosevelt or Hoover}; 113d Alan {Mathematician Turing}; 114d bozo {Doofus}; 116d Elko {City in Nevada}; 118d ague {Flu symptom}; 119d dozy {Ready for a nap}; 120d ados {Big deals}; 122d hey! {"Get your hands off me!"}; 124d Mae {Popular middle name for a girl}; 125d ewe {Shorn female}.

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