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NYT Thursday 9/9/10 Kevin Wald - Solution

Here is the solution for the New York Times crossword puzzle dated Thursday September 9, 2010. This is an abbreviated post, as I am traveling and in holiday mode. Full commentaries will resume tomorrow.
Solving time: 12 mins (solo, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 41d salamis {They often hang around delis}

Kevin Wald
Grid art by Sympathy


The shapes made by the blocks in the grid (color-coded above to show the correspondence) are described in six answers:
9a seven {Lower septet of black squares in this grid, typographically}
18a capital ell {Higher septet of black squares in this grid, typographically}
26a two dashes {Octet of black squares in the middle of this grid, typographically}
45a slash mark {Nonet of black squares in this grid, typographically}
54a apostrophe {Higher pair of black squares in this grid, typographically}
60a comma {Lower pair of black squares in this grid, typographically}
Crucimetrics [about Crucimetrics]
CompilersKevin Wald / Will Shortz
Grid15x15 with 35 (15.6%) black squares
Answers74 (average length 5.14)
Theme squares48 (25.3%)
Scrabble points315 (average 1.66)
Other Clues

1a amid {Surrounded by}; 5a Aida {Work with singing Egyptians}; 14a Dave {"Late Show" host, colloquially}; 15a bred {Crossed, say}; 16a de-ice {Clear, as a windshield}; 17a dram {Three scruples}; 20a ulna {Bone on the pinkie side}; 21a squeak {Be mousy?}; 22a Wil {Actor Wheaton}; 23a Cohn {McCarthy associate Roy}; 24a tux {Fancy duds}; 25a kepi {Hat worn in "Casablanca"}; 30a per se {Intrinsically}; 31a see stars {React to something striking?}; 32a rinses {Salon solutions}; 33a OKs {Green lights}; 34a pun {Groan trigger}; 35a Psalms {Much-read book of 150 poems}; 39a pen-cases {Containers on desks}; 44a acres {Units of chains x furlongs}; 46a Srta. {Miss, south of the border: Abbr.}; 47a gnu {Bearded beast}; 48a aloe {Hothouse plant}; 49a Sir {Word before and after "yes"}; 50a aromas {Bouquets}; 53a tase {Stun, in a way}; 56a omit {Skip}; 57a It Out {"Work ___" (Beyoncé song)}; 58a zest {Enthusiasm}; 59a rive {Rend}; 61a Eros {Greek god who figures in an annual holiday}; 62a Yser {River to the North Sea}.

1d adducts {Brings together, as two parts of the body}; 2d Marlowe {"Shakespeare in Love" role}; 3d Ivanhoe {Arthur Sullivan opera}; 4d demands {Calls for}; 5d ABCs {Fundamentals}; 6d Iraq {Modern locale of ancient Ur}; 7d deputes {Delegates}; 8d adieus {Versailles valedictions}; 9d S Dak. {Wounded Knee's locale: Abbr.}; 10d eel {Lithe swimmer}; 11d viewers {Watching people}; 12d eclipse {Sun block?}; 13d Nellies {Nervous ___}; 19d tax {Duty}; 25d Ken {"Toy Story 3" character}; 27d atoms {Electron-swathed nuclei}; 28d Saks {Competitor of Bloomie's}; 29d HRs {First periods in H.S., often}; 30d pinch {Pilfer}; 32d runs {Musical scales, e.g.}; 34d pea {It may be split at a restaurant}; 35d Passaic {New Jersey city, river or county}; 36d Scripto {Classic pencil brand}; 37d art room {It has drawers at school}; 38d Lea {Michele of "Glee"}; 39d plumper {More well-fed, say}; 40d amatory {Expressive of 61-Across, e.g.}; 41d salamis {They often hang around delis}; 42d erosive {Wearing}; 43d skeeter {Outdoor summer pest, slangily}; 45d snooze {Siesta, say}; 47d grr! {[This is frustrating!]}; 50d atta {"___ girl!"}; 51d ah so {"Got it," jocularly}; 52d sets {Math items represented using { and }}; 55d sum {Math item represented using a plus or a sigma}.

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