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NYT Tuesday 9/7/10 MaryEllen Uthlaut - Solution

Here is the solution for the New York Times crossword puzzle dated Tuesday September 7, 2010. This is an abbreviated post, as I am traveling and in holiday mode. Full commentaries will resume in a few days.
Solving time: 7 mins (solo, no solving aids)
Clue of the puzz: 45d ESPN {Big game hunter?}

MaryEllen Uthlaut
Grid art by Sympathy [about the grid colors]


LET is inserted into a word or phrase, making a pun.
20a a cutlet above {Meat slice on the highest shelf?} cf a cut above
27a loose leaflet {Advertising sheet blowing in the wind?} cf loose-leaf
44a ringlet tones {Curly lock tints?} cf ring tones
52a eaves droplet {Dribble from an icicle?} cf eavesdrop
Crucimetrics [about Crucimetrics]
CompilersMaryEllen Uthlaut / Will Shortz
Grid15x15 with 38 (16.9%) black squares
Answers78 (average length 4.79)
Theme squares48 (25.7%)
Scrabble points274 (average 1.47)
Other Clues

1a ponder {Think about}; 7a Dan {Rock's Steely ___}; 10a gens. {Pentagon V.I.P.'s: Abbr.}; 14a priori {Kind of reasoning, after "a"}; 15a ale {Ginger ___}; 16a abet {Help in wrongdoing}; 17a puppet show {Entertainment you might have a hand in?}; 19a more! {"Encore!"}; 22a art {Class with crayons}; 25a Tay {Scotland's Firth of ___}; 26a hiker {Trail user}; 32a inked {Like presses ready for printing}; 33a poem {It has feet in a line}; 34a sag {Droop}; 37a Eden {Sir Anthony formerly of 10 Downing Street}; 38a pared {Made thinner}; 40a wage {Carry on}; 41a non {Oui's opposite}; 42a Mini {___ Cooper (car)}; 43a shire {English county}; 47a trees {Grove components}; 50a Sur {Big ___}; 51a tee {Buttonless shirt}; 57a et al {Series finale, in brief}; 58a rainstorms {Nor'easters, often}; 62a tide {Ocean motion}; 63a ail {Be under par}; 64a atonal {Keyless}; 65a hoed {Broke ground?}; 66a yds. {QB pickups: Abbr.}; 67a notary {___ public}.

1d ppp {Very, very soft, in music}; 2d ORU {Okla. school}; 3d nip {Quick drink}; 4d dopa {L-___ (Parkinson's treatment)}; 5d erected {Put up}; 6d ritual {Mass, e.g.}; 7d Dahl {Author Roald}; 8d aloe {Lily of Africa}; 9d newt {Colorful amphibian}; 10d gambit {Chess ploy}; 11d ebook {Something to read on a Kindle}; 12d nerve {Chutzpah}; 13d steer {Manage the helm}; 18d stye {Eye sore}; 21d ahem {Sound before "Your fly is open"}; 22d alien {"The X-Files" subject}; 23d rondo {Sonata movement}; 24d token {Coin at an arcade}; 28d Sen {When doubled, a breath freshener}; 29d April {When to celebrate Earth Day}; 30d foe {Axis, once}; 31d led {Was ahead}; 34d saint {Nicholas or Patrick}; 35d agree {Share an opinion}; 36d geese {Fliers in V's}; 38d pin {Wrestler's goal}; 39d Ang {Director Lee}; 40d who? {Question of identity}; 42d miss {Hit's opposite}; 43d stretto {Feature of a fugue}; 44d reeled {Staggered}; 45d ESPN {Big game hunter?}; 46d Tulsan {Resident of Oklahoma's second-largest city}; 47d teeth {Canines, e.g.}; 48d ratio {Two to one or three to one}; 49d evade {Skirt}; 53d dray {Heavy cart}; 54d raid {A.T.F. agents' activity}; 55d oils {Removes a squeak from}; 56d toot {Driver's nonverbal "hello"}; 59d RNA {Cellular stuff}; 60d mar {"Striving to better, oft we ___ what's well": Shak.}; 61d sly {Like a fox}.

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